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UVALDE, TexasDisclaimer: The training video contains express language. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has released two videos that show the entire confrontation between the rider and the mother of one of the Uvalde school shooting victims.

DPS released the videos at the request of state Sen. Roland Gutierrez (D-San Antonio), who saw footage of the incident circulating on social media. It should also be said that the Internet is important.

It happened on Wednesday afternoon at Flores School in Uvalde.

Ana Rodriguez — whose daughter Maite Rodriguez was among 19 students and two teachers killed in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School last year — tried to get her son out of school to attend a protest against gun violence.

The protest was part of the National School Walkout Day, and Uvalde students joined the national movement to take action against gun violence.

DPS released an 11-minute video clip from the officer’s body cam, showing the entire interaction with Rodriguez, and a seven-minute video from a hallway surveillance camera.

The propellant was confirmed ABC News on Thursday that is to trace.

Body cam footage of the wreck

  • The video begins by showing Rodriguez standing in a classroom, but no audio is heard. Moments later the building was seen to be gone.

  • Rodriguez later returns to the school and is heard knocking on the door outside before letting someone in.

    • “Don’t. Oh, lady, I told you already, you have to leave,” the rider tells Rodriguez.

    • “I have that, and my son from me,” Rodriguez said. The officer then saw Rodriguez grab both hands while physically forcing her to the exit.

    • When Rodriguez came back outside, he told the rider that he “already said that he was going to be arrested if he continued to cause a disturbance.”

    • “I’m gonna get my son out!” Rodriguez was yelled at multiple times before the rider finally stood down and was sent inside.

  • The officer then follows Rodriguez in what appears to be a mission. The rider heard someone inside asking him to call the police before speaking with Rodriguez again.

    • “Can you speak to me, woman?” the knight asks.

    • “… they sit in the audience where no one can see them. It is very well-tempered. Sit down!” Rodriguez said. “… we don’t need to talk anymore sir, we really can’t.”

    • “What are you doing, despite the disturbance of the school,” said the knight. “Okay, I’ll explain.”

    • I am standing here and I am leaving my son. This is it,” he said.

    • “All right, good-bye,” said the knight.

    • Rodriguez appears to leave the office, but a moment later the rider tries to talk to her again.

    • “Ma’am, may I please speak with you?” said the knight.

    • Roderic replied, “No! I don’t want to understand! Has your daughter sprung up? No, it wasn’t! This means I can claim something for my son!”

    • “I understand that something to you, lady, but there are hundreds of kids in this school,” said the knight.

    • “Protest!” Roderick howls.

  • Rodriguez calls his son, and the pair are seen leaving the school. The knight calls after her, calls her again to “make a crowd”, and therefore “join with her”.

    • “When your daughter is killed at school, then you talk to me sir,” Rodriguez shouts before leaving.

Another video released by DPS contains no audio, but shows a physical altercation between the rider and Rodriguez from above in the hallway.

The identity of the rider has not been released at this time.

Earlier on Thursday, Uvalde CISD Interim Superintendent Gary Patterson said that students who took part in the protests that day would not face charges, even if some of them broke the rules.

And he said that he was informed that the protests would probably continue, but he said that if the students are caught breaking the rules again and leaving the campus without permission, there will be consequences.

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