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What will ever match the quality of some well-meaning brotherly advice from a brother who is a Marine because of his younger brother who shouts robots in animation for a living? The saga of The Best First and Peter Cullen is almost as elite and legendary as Batman and Kevin Conroy. It is impossible to imagine these characters, which are steeped in popular culture with so much history, without the characteristic tone and inflection of the actor’s voice. But for Cullen, the role of Best First in transformers the opportunity of liberty was almost wanting.

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transformers Audition: Peter Cullen’s Extraordinary Story

Peter Cullen, who as Optimus Prime with the first production transformershe made history when his voice appeared on television screens across North America on September 17, 1984. The indelible effect that Cullen would have in freedom was soon recognized by the people. transformers began to grow steadily in pop culture.

Peter Cullen behind the scenes of the Transformers devastation
Peter Cullen behind the scenes Transformers: Devastation

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In 2018, during an appearance at TFCon, guest speaker Peter Cullen was presented with a question about a 10-year-old boy who asked the actor how he first came up with the voice of Best First. He went into memory to recall to his audience a very insightful story about his brother;

“My brother, Larry, a captain in the Marines, had come back from Vietnam, and it always made little difference where I went every day, because I was a grunt, as the sailors would say. And he said to him: Peter, where are you going today? I went to the audition. I’m auditioning like a living truck. And hey [laughed]. But Larry, it’s … it’s definitely a strong truck. He is a true hero.

And his mouth took the hat and said, “Peter, if you want to be a hero, be a true hero.” Don’t be the Hollywood hero type with all the BS and yelling and screaming and trying to be tough. Good luck to the meek. His voice rings in my ears, I push to listen. And I read the copy and Larry just came out, in his own voice, he spoke to me on the road, and he said [in the infamous voice]’ My name is Optimus Primus .

Peter Cullen's indelible legacy as Optimus Prime
Peter Cullen’s indelible legacy as Optimus Prime

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To date, no voice has been able to match the depth and impact that Peter Cullen had during his tenure as leader of the Autobots. The character of Best Prime was made even more iconic by Michael Bay in the live-action franchise of the modern franchise, still cementing Cullen’s legacy as the voice of the iconic Transformers character in film and television.

The evolution of Transformers on film: 1984 to 2017

Transformers: The Movie, Released in 1986, the first project brought the Autobots and the Decepticons to a theater-going audience. Sci-fi animated films are adapted around two mechanical and highly intelligent factions fighting each other. Transformersthe animated television series that ran from 1984 to 1987, which in turn was based on the Hasbro Transformers toy line.

Peter Cullen, the first actor to voice Optimus Prime in a 1980s TV cartoon
Optimus Prime in the 1980s TV cartoon series

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In 1984, an animated series, produced by Marvel Productions, was released with Peter Cullen as the first and original voice of the Prime Minister. Two decades later, it was the commendable work of Michael Bay to bring Cullen on board for his five-part epic film series, ie transformers (2007) to The Last Knight (2017). What essentially then makes the franchise’s high-octane sci-fi live-action already fodder even more likable is Cullen’s presence in it.

Transformers The animated series is available streaming on Prime Video.

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