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NEW YORK (AP) — An extraordinary moment in U.S. history is scheduled to unfold in Manhattan on Tuesday: Donald Trump former presidentwho will look at the multiple investigations related to the elections, will make a surrender to face criminal charges from 2016 hush money payments.

The booking and arrangement They will be relatively short, though hardly usual, as Trump is fingerprinted, learns the exact charges against him and, as expected, apologizes.

Trump, who has been impeached twice by the US House but never convicted in the US Senate, will become the first president to face criminal charges. The 45th head of state will be escorted from Trump Tower to the forum by the Secret Service and receive his mug shot.

New York police are facing protests from Trump supporters, who believe the former president’s indictment by a New York grand jury — and three additional pending investigations — are politically motivated and intended to undermine him. The White House would receive his bid in 2014

Trump, a former Re-TV star, has said that the narrative is for his own political gain, millions of dollars from the “witch hunt” accusation. He personally killed the Manhattan district attorney, approached supporters to protest, and claimed without evidence. presiding judge of the case “He hates me” – something Trump’s own lawyer said is not true.

Trump is scheduled to return to his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, on Tuesday evening to hold a rally, marking a new event: to submit to the demands of the American criminal justice system, while projecting an air of defiance and victimhood in the famous campaign. predictions

Trump’s conviction does not prevent him from running for or winning the presidency in 2024.

Inside the Manhattan courtroom, prosecutors led by New York’s district attorney, Alvin Bragg, are expected to unseal an indictment handed down by a grand jury next week. This is when Trump and his defense attorneys will have their first glimpse of the specific allegations against him.

The The indictment includes many charges falsifying business records, including at least one felony, two people familiar with the case told the Press Associate last week.

After Trump’s indictment, he is expected to be released by authorities because the charges against him do not require bail.

The investigation examines six-figure payments made to porn actor Daniel Storm and former Playboy model Karen McDougal. Both say they have been dating since they were married to Trump years before he entered politics. Trump denies having sexual relations with both women and has denied any wrongdoing.

The impeachment will come against a backdrop of heavy security in New York more than two years after Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol in a failed bid to stop Congressional certification of President Joe Biden’s victory.

Although officials said they had no understanding of the probable cause, they were on high alert for any potential disturbances.

“As long as there are some mobsters planning to come to our city tomorrow, our message is clear and simple: ‘Stand up,'” Mayor Eric Adams said at a news conference Monday.

Trump pollster John McLaughlin said the former president would approach the day with “dignity.”

“He will be the man,” McLaughlin said. “He will show strength, and he will show dignity, and through this we will reach and win the election.”

The public’s fascination with the accident was evident Monday as national television showed live images of a motorcade being ferried from the Mar-a-Lago club to a red, white and blue Boeing 757. It then flew to New York, where it was expected. spend the night at Trump Tower before turning in tomorrow.

The former president and his aides are embroiled in a media circus. After initially being caught off guard when news of the impeachment broke Thursday evening, Trump and his team hoped to use the case to their advantage. However, in a Monday filing, the judge asked for photo and video coverage of the prosecution’s motion.

Although prosecutors claim that no person is above the law, the logistical complications of bringing criminal charges against the former president are pressing.

New York’s ability to carry out free actions and drama in a case involving a polarizing president could prove to be an important opportunity for prosecutors in Atlanta and Washington to conduct their investigations of Trump, which could also result in charges. Those investigations look at efforts to solve the 2020 election results as well as possible leaks of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Top Republicans, including Trump’s potential rivals in next year’s GOP presidential primary, have launched a case against him. President Joe Biden, who has yet to formally announce that he will seek re-election next year, and other leading Democrats had very little to say about it.

Trump, the former UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, campaigned on Monday near the US-Mexico border on the president’s orders and suggested that the coverage of the former president’s indictment should be distracted from other key issues like immigration. But he also added, “You have a liberal prosecutor who is making political claims against the former president.”

Prosecutors say their case against Trump has nothing to do with public policy.

Tucker reported to London. Associated Press writers Will Weissert in Washington and Jill Colvin, Bobby Cain Calvan and Julie Walker in New York contributed to this report.

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