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The wedding of Dominique Cojuangco and Michael Hearn on Saturday, March 4, 2013 was celebrated by personalities from showbiz and high society.

The couple exchanged wedding vows in a private Catholic wedding ceremony held at San Agustin Church in Manila.

The wedding reception was held afterward at the National Museum of Natural History.


Here are some of those on the Michael Hearn-Dominique Cojuanco guest list.


One of the highlights of Dominique’s wedding reception is dancing with her dad; Tonyboy Cojuangco.

A common point by scialite Mimi Que super eam Instagram Stories on Sunday, March 4, 2023.

Tonyboy Cojuangco, Dominique Cojuangco


And on Monday, March 6, 2023, Mimi took to Instagram to share a photo with the bride’s mom, Gretchen Barretto, at the wedding reception.

Gretchen Barrett

Mimi and her husband Mario Que were among the main sponsors of the wedding.

In an Instagram post, Mimi congratulated the couple on being “the coolest Ninong and Ninang [emoji].

He wrote, “Such an incredible honor to be a part of this moment! I love you so much!” [heart emojis] @dominique @mjhearn.”

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Mimi and Marius’ son Matthew Que also attended the wedding with his wife Hanna Miranda.

Anna shared a photo from her wedding reception on her Instagram account.

In the caption, she wrote: “Celebrating the most magical day loves.” [emoji].

Hanna Que, Dominique Cojuangco, Matthew Que

(LR) Socialites Daniella Go, Rowena Go, Nathalie Lim, Carmela Miranda, and Ivana Go wore different gowns from the studio.


Company Aivee Dr. Aivee Teo also attended the wedding with her husband Dr. Z Theo.

At the wedding reception, Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z took a photo with the iconic museum as their exit.

Dr. Aivee shared the photo on Instagram with the caption: “It’s a perfect day a perfect wedding reception at @natmuseumph [pink heart emoji]”


Among the famous weddings of Dominique and Michael Hearn were Sofia Andres.

Sophia wrote a heartfelt message on Instagram to extend her congratulations to Dominique and Michael on their wedding.

She wrote: “I met @dominique when I was 14 and if there is one thing I want to enlighten her beautiful soul.

“He is one of the most genuine people I have ever met in my life.

“I remember sometimes that Dom is the kind of person who shares genuine love with the people around her.

“And I’m so lucky to have met Michael, who I know can give him the real love he really deserves.

“I know that despite our busy schedules, there is still that bond that unites us.

“I am forever grateful for the friendship we share and words cannot express how happy I am to see you begin this new chapter in your life as Mrs. Hearn.

“Michael, I’m glad you found comfort, romance, and friendship in @dominique

Seeing you and Michael as a couple taught me the beauty of true love and genuine connection.

“So here’s to the newlyweds. Donna and Michael, I see love every time I see the two of you together.” [emoji]”

Sofia attended the wedding with Daniel Miranda and their daughter Zoe, who served as one of the couple’s flower girls.


Sophia Andres, Dominic Cojuangco

Ria Atayde, who considers Dominic her “sister”, was also there.

Ria Atayde, Dominic Cojuangco

Ria hung out with model/influencer Stefan Alino…

Landon Leoncio, Dominic Cojuangco

…and Landon Leoncio.

Paul Edward Stefano, Dominic Cojuangco

Bea Fabregas came to the wedding with her husband Nikko Ramos and their son Tyler.

On Instagram on Sunday, March 5, 2013, Bea expressed her love and support for the newcomers.

The military radio station wrote, “All the respect to celebrate @dominique @mjhearn [white heart emoji] Yesterday was too beautiful for words. Love was flooding in!!!! Congratulations to both of you, we love you guys [white heart emoji].


Towards the end of his posts, the proud mother was also happy to see her son coming down the hall with Dominic and Michael’s cash bail.

“Also, proud mama, I’m glad to report that I didn’t cry as this flag bearer came down the aisle. [emoji] Papa and Mama love you so much Goose, well done!”


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