Dick Hell deserves the best basketball award in District 7

Dick Heller’s basketball has never been said to be the same.

In what would be an important reason, Napoleon was one of two retiring coaches of the year honored by the Northwest Ohio District 7 Basketball Coaches Association as a region all-star game on March 16.

“It allows me to have great times with the kids of Lakota, Oak Harbor and Danbury,” Heller said. “The victory is theirs.” I am only as good as my players, but those who deserve respect make me humble.

“A lot of great coaches deserve this award. It’s important to be polite, but the most important thing is to have relationships. Treat the kids right, be nice, develop them and see what we can achieve.”

Danbury is partly owned by Dick Heller

Heller, 68, 339-216 was a varsity girls head coach. He spent 24 years at Lakota, including the girls varsity coach from 1991-2002.

He won three conference crowns, nine sectional championships and one regional trip with the Raiders.

Oak Harbor coach Dick Heller celebrates his 200th career victory.

He won two conference championships and seven sectional crowns at Oak Harbor from 2002-2021. The Rockets were 20-0 twice in the regular season.

He capped his run at the helm at Danbury from 2017-2022. He was a former varsity assistant at New Riegel.

“It’s always a challenge to buy girls,” he said. “Lakota, that’s where I grew up coaching. I started with the junior high boys. It was fun to ride. In Oak Harbor, the kids used to ride at Lakota.

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