Dermatologist Dr. Yue “Emily” Yu poisoned her husband Dr. Jack Chen – CNN accused


A California dermatologist has been indicted by a grand jury for allegedly poisoning her husband with draining fluid, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Yue “Emily” Yu, 46, was charged with three felony counts of poisoning and one felony count of domestic battery with bodily injury, according to a. Mercurii Aeneas sometimes mourns.

Yu’s attorney, Scott Simmons, will plead not guilty to his client. The husband says this is a plot to use Yu in the divorce court.

Yu’s husband, Jack Chen, who is also a doctor, stated in court documents that he was poisoned by the liquid cleaner. and that he was trying to kill him.

“I started to feel the chemical taste in the lemonade. I finally developed symptoms that led me to see a doctor who did an examination and diagnosed me with two stomach ulcers, gastritis and gout,” Chen said in documents filed with the divorce court, ordering and restraining custody of the two children.

When he noticed a strange taste in his drink, Chen installed cameras in the kitchen to see if he could catch any evidence as to why his drink tasted strange, the district attorney’s office said.

According to court documents, Chen made these videos on three separate occasions with Yu “pouring Draino.” [sic] she drowned from our kitchen, and poured into my lemonade.’

In one of the videos, Chen said her hot lemonade was covered in plastic clothing. He said the video then shows Yu “taking Draino” [sic] she sank from beneath, removing the cover to pour out the drain. [sic]and then replaced the cellophane and placed the drain [sic] come back.”

Chen collected samples of the drink and turned them over to the Irvine Police Department, according to the district attorney’s office. “Samples were later turned over to the FBI for testing, which confirmed the liquid substance consisted of drain cleaner.”

Simmons, Yu’s attorney, said the events surrounding this prosecution come in the context of a troubled marriage and a high-stakes divorce case between two doctors.

“He’s lying,” he claims to be trying to poison him, Simon said. “Instead of calling 911, call a divorce lawyer. Simmons said Chen never went to the ER for treatment and medical evidence contradicted that he had spent the drain cleaner.

According to Simmons, the family may have had ants in the kitchen and they used Drano with lemonade to kill the food and ants.

“Drano is not a secret poison agent, it’s got a crazy terrible taste, it burns, your eyes start to water,” Simmons said.

Steven Hittelman, the attorney representing Chen in the divorce action, told CNN on Thursday that his client has now “recovered physically from the poisoned injuries.”

Hittelman said he was satisfied with the grand jury’s indictment and was especially pleased that it included a charge of domestic violence.

David Dworakowski, Yu’s divorce attorney, said that his client “is not guilty of serious charges; that’s what it takes to bring the case to trial.”

While the divorce is not finalized, Yu is now able to see his children unchallenged. Still ongoing custody arrangements, according to Hittelman.

You will need to report to the Medical Board of California, which will decide whether you are allowed to continue your practice.

If convicted on all counts, Yu faces a maximum sentence of eight years and eight months.

Yu was charged on April 18.

“Ours will be where we feel the safest,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a press release. “However, a licensed medical professional capitalized on the husband’s daily rituals to cross his husband, systematically infusing his tea with a Drano-like substance, intending to cause him pain and suffering.”

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