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Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan, who plays Daisy Midgeley, is joined by female Solvite stars Charlene White, Denise Welch, Sunetra Sarker and Jane Moore. While discussing her past storyline where Daisy had an affair with Ryan Connor (played by Ryan Prescott) she ruined her relationship with Alya Nazir (Sair Khan). Charlotte admitted her difficult scenes were filmed as she was in the middle of a corona virus room where she was not allowed to touch, and sent Dionysus into a spiral of anger.

Discussing how the plot of the film has played out with Daisy and Ryan, Charlotte explained: “Daisy has been very rude to Ryan and Alya has obviously broken up.

“But we’re trying to fix the thing with a two-meter stick between us! There was a lot of eyebrow-raising, we’re trying to get a lot of cross-over emotions in our eyebrows.”

“There was a part where Daisy crossed over and touched Ryan’s knee in a naughty way and my poor boyfriend had to tie me up so I could rub my knee instead!”

Dionysius was irritated: “Well, he is with you today and he is very grateful to his knees, I can note that.”

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Looking back at her memories of the lockdown, Jane added: “I remember the distance of the thing, but I also forgot the bit where he literally just couldn’t touch someone wearing knee-highs.”

Of her experience, Dyonisia admitted: “Well I wanted to be cast in Hollyoaks by Rob Beck and I had to call Lincoln around me.”

Sunetra had the same problem and added: “We couldn’t have people in wheelchairs by chance, pushing them in wheelchairs! We would have two staffs in wheelchairs.”

Injured by the techniques used, Dyonisia threw up her hands and cried, “Oh, don’t let me start this. I can feel the anger bubbling up to the surface.”

Knowing how passionate Denise felt about her two years in the UK in and out of lockdown, Jane quipped: “I’ll move her away from Covid.”

During Monday night’s episode of the ITV soap, Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) tried to throw acid on Daisy on her wedding day, but it was Ryan who jumped the acid first.

Falling to the ground, he cried out in pain as Daisy realized what had happened and narrowly missed the acid hitting him in the face.

Calling for help, Ryan managed to pull himself into the shower, and placed a cold shower on his burns, as well as cut off his t-shirt to reduce the burns on his body.

Discussing what it was like with Ryan’s film plot, Charlotte told Loose Women: “On the one hand, you’d think I’d be happy to be given a dramatic story, as you say after a lot of lighter, comedic stories under his belt.

“But at the same time, think so, as if it happens regularly. This is so terrible that we also have to do it, so that there is a means of finding in one part that you want to be excited. You really want to do a good job.

“But then also, that he wants to happen so regularly, as it is worthy, that is to say that there is a real proportion of emotions.

“I think what was important to the writers and the storyline was that all of this stuff that happened to Daisy was very much based in real life that happened to the survivors of this incident.

“She was constantly being let down by the police, and it turned out that she couldn’t get involved with Justin so that he could do this really horrible, bad, violent thing.”

Despite the powerful scenes, Coronation Street received 72 Ofcom complaints with some viewers saying the scenes were “too dark” and difficult to watch.

@Charlies_Nana chimed in on Twitter: “The storyline with Daisy & Justin has gone too far! There are enough shenanigans and messed up people in the world without showing her on a big family show, rather than water.”

@salhypes commented: “Just kept an acid attack on #Corrie. Very chilling. To be honest, I don’t know why the foggy borith is going.” (so)

Loose Women airs on holiday from 12:30pm on ITV.

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