Click! A last-minute photo shoot of our favorite photos, and a look at the top photos of the week in Fort Worth, Tarrant County.

A hand holds two prescription pills. As of October 2022, shortages of the brand name Adderall have affected residents in Tarrant County and beyond. (Cristian Argueta Soto | Fort Worth Report)

I took my photo on one of the Saturdays, April 3rd.

This is the lead image for a story that talked about the nationwide Adderall shortage and the impact it can have on people with ADHD.

Because of his busy schedule, the photo story was in limbo, and he insisted on deadlines. Improvisation was needed. In the middle of working on long assignments, I went to the line and took out my camera.

I asked around the news if anyone had any medication. One man did. So I said, “You need to hold some of that in the palm of your hand for a photo.” He agreed.

This experience shows the flexibility the news photographer needs and the last-minute, quick-on-our-feet mentality photographers are trained to use.

About the pills in hand to US Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, our photojournalist at the Fort Worth Report, captured a variety of events through the week’s photos. If you have events or photo opportunities, contact community engagement journalist Cristian ArguetaSoto at cristian.arguetasoto@fortworthreport.org or at Twitter.

  • Security Officer Vicky Vergara competes
  • Members of a statewide school violence prevention group
  • Tanglewood School
  • Security Commissioner Tracy Carter, left, and Vicky Vergara

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