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The beautiful veteran actress, Cherie Gil, passed away at the age of 90 on Friday. His demise has left the showbiz industry in turmoil. Her nephew Sid Lucero took it to Instagram and posted a picture that left everyone emotional. The caption expressed his love for Cherie Gil. He said, ‘I love you’ with a smiling emoticon and a cute gesture saying, ‘big hug’.

Zsa Zsa Padilla, her friend, and co-actor emphasized Cherie’s passion for acting and remembered their little chat session while she waited for her next scene to go live. She further talked about her memories with Cherie Gil when she was previously pregnant with Zia. Zsa Zsa said that Cherie could set her heart on something.

The actor walked down memory lane and talked about Cherie Golden’s birthday, her tango dance, chance encounters, and much more. At last he paid the consolation of the twin and his friend.
In addition, Director Jose Javier Reyes shared that the role of Cherie Gil could not be filled so effectively by anyone. She starred in Joseph’s first movie and will forever remain irreplaceable in the hearts and minds of many people.

Sharon Cuneta, a Kapamilya actor said Cherie Gil’s death broke her heart. Many of his friends have passed away in the past few years and the feeling just gets worse every year. Lately, the veteran actor is terribly missing and has renegotiated his contract with her. Sharon expressed her love for actor and friend Cherie Gil.

Cherie Gil, an acclaimed veteran actor, was showbiz royalty and part of the celebrity family, Eigenmann. She was the daughter of singer Rosemarie Gil and Eddie Mosa. Along with his siblings, the late Mark Gil and Michael de Mesa, Gil was part of the second generation of actors.

Cherie was also the aunt of Ryan, Andi, Geoff, Max and Gabby, the Eigenmann actors. She has a son, Jay, from a relationship with actor Leon Martinez and two children, Raphael and Bianca, with ex-husband Rony Rogoff, who is a violinist.

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