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Charlie Day He was walking around Los Angeles one day, listening to the mariachi music of Los Tres Ases, when it struck him who had his favorite movies. to be there or * Jerk as they are not made any more. “Just thinking about the kind of movies that I loved and wanted to be in,” he said. “I thought, That would be nice and just something for me to have the opportunity to act like that.”

At the time, back in 2014, it was a pretty busy day It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; comedy series he co-created and continues to write and star in. But between the times he tinkered with the script of the film that was then called stupid He wasn’t sure it would ever happen, but almost a decade later and through the roller coaster of a process called the debut-day director’s record. fool’s paradise and is distributed across the attractions route – finally heading to theaters on May 12th.

As it seems in Vanity FairPictures first look, the satire is set in the familiar world of Day-Hollywood. The struggle of the publicist know jeong) who stumbles upon a man recently released from a mental facility (on the day) who just looks at the methodical actor who refuses to leave his pursuer. As the star begins to rise, he is surrounded by a colorful cast of characters, including an eccentric rib, a keen producer, a demanding director, and a dashing action hero. With a star that includes stars Kate Beckinsale, Adrien Brody, Common, Jason Sudeikis, Edie Falco, John Malkovich and ray liotta in one of his last roles he pushed the film date beyond what could ever have been imagined, not only because he demanded to star as a silent character, but because he produced an eleventh-hour risk to tell the story. the story exactly as he wanted.

“There were times in this movie when I thought, Why am I doing this? I just have to show up and act and stand on my sign and say the lines,” Day says.

Day and Brody in Fool’s Paradise

fool’s paradise It may be his feature directorial debut, but Day has been making movies since those early days in New York, when his roommate Jimmy Simpson used the earnings from his first big paying gigAmy Heckerlin‘s film Foodto buy a digital camera. He never really stopped telling stories, eventually moving to Los Angeles where he joined his friends to create It’s always sunny. “I think I’m very confident in approaching this experience to direct this film because of my years of experience.” Sunny,” he says. “And I still think I got everything wrong in the book, but I was able to clean up as much as I could with the resin.”

The first day of the film will be shot in 2018, but he showed his friend with the first cut Guillermo del Toro (Day had a role in the 2013 film Pacific Rim) notes that the director of the day inspired the 27-page script. “I just knew in my gut that something was missing,” says Day, whose outcast Jeong character becomes the film’s emotional center.

However, the film’s financier did not think that he would ever make such a significant part of the film. But del Toro gave him the push he needed. “He gave me great advice that you only get one chance at your first movie, and if you know there’s a better version and a way to get there, you’ll always regret not trying to make that change,” Day said. .

Liotta and the day in Fool’s Paradise

Jeong, several other members were released, and the group returned for the resonances in late 2021. “During the time that I was making these changes, I had grown so much as a filmmaker from the lessons that I felt were in error. The first leap,” Day says. “It’s really just a risk of following whatever sense of artistic integrity you have, and just trusting it and just pursuing it in any way as something that works.”

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