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Associated Students, in collaboration with the K-pop Club and the Seoul.ful dance team, come together to host a night full of K-pop related activities, where fans of all genres can find like-minded students and community.

The K-pop night will run for three hours from 5 pm to 8 pm on Tuesday, and will be located at the Titans Student Union Pavilion.

The event will include a unique club event where they play a mix of K-pop songs and fans who know the choreography can dance along to them. They also include photocard embellishments, fakes and more.

Also, Seoul.ful sports, a K-pop dance team on campus, promoting student groups and joining students in dance to promote their students.

At the check-in event, students will be given a ticket for a raffle drawing, which will be held later in the evening, where three lucky winners will be given baskets.

While vendors are not allowed to sell items at the event, some donation baskets include items from small businesses on campus such as T-shirts, stickers and top-loaded decorations to have photos taken.

Also, booklets, photocards and cup sleeves will be available from the ASI sleeves team while supplies last for students in addition to giving away prizes.

Aundrea Nunez, a graduate assistant in programming and fighting, and Ashley Hernandez, a student programmer, initially came up with the idea for the project after realizing how many people loved K-pop.

The pair asked Kayla Lam, ASI’s programming coordinator, to help with the planning process, which later led to the inclusion of the K-pop club and Seoul.ful.

This is the first time ASI has not hosted an event like this one, which hosted the Bad Bunny night before and was part of a Taylor Swift album. But this is the first night of mourning music that includes Asian Americans.

“I love K-pop and I just thought it was a really good opportunity to reach more people in the field that still had an ASI event for that group of people,” Lam said.

Kenya Sanchez, president of Seoul.ful, described the planning process as fun and interesting, as it involves many activities that K-pop fans are already familiar with.

“There’s a lot of fun activities within K-pop culture, so it was like brainstorming together with what’s the most fun and what’s out there,” said Sanchez.

Corrine Plunkett, treasurer of the K-pop Club, brought up the importance of different events like these from people who are involved in the matter and have experienced it.

Since the club organizes game nights, learns about new K-pop artists and holds gatherings to watch music videos and Korean dramas, their involvement in K-pop night entertainment was necessary.

“It’s something that excites me to know that they’re like, ‘I understand this is a big race and I want to show it to everybody, and I want to make sure that the whole night is for him, like Bad Bunny,'” Plunkett said.

Through K-pop night, Lam wants to bring a community of people together, and hopes the event will help students meet new people and get to know each other better.

“I think it’s really cool to be in an environment where everyone is here for the same reason,” Lam said.

Sanchez also brought up a similar point of view, focusing on how the air K-pop Night could help students who are more reserved connect with others who share the same interest.

Students can continue looking forward to similar K-pop night gatherings, even after the event by checking out future events such as Seoul. looking forward to April 14th or K-pop Club’s random play dance on April 27th.

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