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After five years indie rock trio boygenius is back.

“Reviewed” – the group’s sophomore work was released on Friday, and had big shoes to fill after their debut EP “boygenius” was met with acclaim.

The self-titled work is made up of six complete songs that promise great potential for future collaborations. Even in “Remento” some of the EP material finds itself woven into various songs.

The group was made up of singer-songwriters Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker – finding the perfect mix between their styles.

But capital still belongs to the characteristics that make each artist as successful as each individual act.

“Without You Without Them” is a great example – a solid album opener where the three artists sing a short a cappella song to each other, although Dacus takes some lead.

“$20” features a busy but beautiful outdoor scene where musicians realize they have no gas, money or time left to go.

“Emily I’m Sorry” has a very Phoebe Bridgers-esque guitar and melody, and the lyrics feel like they’re from the first album, “Stranger in the Alps.”

This song, along with many others on the “monument,” is the kind of sad that catches you off guard with the twisted hook lyrics, “And I feel like I’m the only one you could want.”

“True Blue” follows, using Daci’s song idiosyncrasies and word placement throughout the melody to create a meaningful song about love – the kind that dispels self-doubt throughout this album.

Her chorus, “And it feels good to be known so well/ I can’t hide you like the sky is me,” is simply put, but touching.

“Frigid About It” is a standout on the album, with all three artists taking turns on this acoustic, folk-inspired song about unsteady-footed disarmament in the past period of their relationship.

The lyrics, “I’ll keep you walking home and acting / I’ll pretend you don’t feel like you’re drowning” are a direct reference to Bridgers’ “Moon Song” and one of the many examples of the stars. songwriting on “recent.”

The follow-up track “Not Strong Enough” is a powerful, determined song about the risks of not being strong enough to be weak – for a partner or for yourself.

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One of the most glorious moments of the “Mono” music is the bridge of this song, where all three singers repeat “Always an angel, never a god”, with different harmonies 12 times.

“Revolution 0”, an introspective track with only a few lyrics, so simple, but incredibly angsty and painful.

Bridgers sings mostly with a face that gives the sound of living water under the shimmering sun that often characterizes their music.

The theme of visions and acquaintances comes up again in this song with lyrics like “I thought/ if I just closed my eyes/ I’d disappear”, although it takes on a decidedly more depressed tone than “True Blue”.

“If you’re too little/Then I stop/And then there’s nothing” speaks to a level of sadness few artists ever reach in their songwriting careers — but boygen, it’s effortless.

“Leonard Cohen” is a short but delightful song that sees Dacus with a signature sound and lyrics that don’t take themselves too seriously.

But the poem, as it is very short, ends with a profound sentence – “I never thought you would be mine.”

“Satanist” also hits the beat and anarchist sound, with a new perspective on the theme of things and what is enough, in “Revolution 0.” introduced

At this time, although the artists make up their mind – “If it doesn’t matter, man, it’s a relief.”

The outside of the song slows down the tempo but maintains the intensity, with lyrics like “Wonder/If You Can See”, again alluding to the idea of ​​knowing “True Blue” and “Revolution 0”. “

Next is “We Are Love” – ​​which is not a funny song, but rather a tearful one. It is a perfect blend of three types of artists.

He explores the experience of internal turmoil and disaster that can happen even in a committed relationship — “Will you love me if I turn out to be crazy? / I know what you’re saying, but it helps to hear you anyway.

“Anti-Male” is another one of the loud songs on the album with an addictive sound that is just fun to listen to.

Finally, “Letter to an Old Poet” is the last track “off the record,” and it’s also the best.

The pain the trio sings like this simply exists. It hits you like a personal dagger to the heart, even though you can’t really relate to any of the specific lyrics.

The second half of the song is a clear nod to both the trio’s debut EP track “Me & Dog” and Bridgers’ “Moon Song” – a deeper insight into the lyrical parallels with the roots that run through the artists’ collective work.

There is something so refreshing about music that uses the details of real life, real hurts and real loves to build a story instead of relying on places and metaphors.

Boygen members write exactly what they mean, resulting in lyrics that are both vulnerable and genuine.

The artists are in control of the details. But together, excelling in their vision and skill in crafting moving music, they consistently create work that scores five out of five stars.

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