Bob Marley Biopic Involves Filming, Ziggy Says Manley, Seaga, Bucky Marshall, Claudius Massop Featured

Ziggy Marley says the filming of the biopic of his father Bob Marley, covering the life of the Reggae icon between 1976 and 1978, is now complete, but has yet to be officially announced.

The multiple Grammy Award winner also gave details on the plot of the biopic, which is set for release on January 12, 2024.

“We just finished the project. Not a superscript yet, but a life story from mi faada, mi madda too. Its foundation is from 1976 to 1978 to the assassination attempt, to return to the One Love Concert,” Ziggy told Irie FM Kabu about the development of Africa Day Sunday morning.

“When wi go to meck di movie, mi seh can’t meck amet elit enuh. Wi haffi meck suppm weh wi a guh enjoy fi watch. That period of his life was the most active and powerful period with all the accumulation of changes and events, he added.

The biopic, for which the second part of filming in Jamaica ended last month, focuses on the period when Bob Marley survived an assassination attempt in Jamaica and is living in exile in London.

When asked how “political tribalism” was woven into the film, Ziggy hinted that two of Jamaica’s leading political watchers of the 1970s, Aston “Bucky” Marshall and Claudius Massop were also in the film as two leaders. Major political parties at this time: Edward Seaga’s Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) and Michael Manley’s People’s National Party (PNP).

Bucky and Claudie deh deh. It is a history lesson fi much a du jutes dem now inna Jamaica. Dem wi the most similar thing in history… Manley and Seaga deh inna is. Every deh inna it ex dat time,” the Rebellion arises the singer is exposed.

Carl Orff

Bucky Marshall, who was a militant supporter of the People’s National Party, was a major player in organizing the peace talks in West Kingston in January 1978.

He was killed in a New York City nightclub on March 8, 1980.

Claudius Massop was a JLP driver from West Kingston. He was killed by police on Industrial Terrace in Kingston on February 4, 1979.

Along with Ziggy, the other two producers of the film are Marley’s widow Rita and daughter Cedella. The trio produce films for Tuff Gong, the music and studio label that Bob founded in the 1970s.

Ziggy said that the 2021 film will pay homage to Bob “in a way never before received” and that Gong’s story will be told “in a way that will truly honor him and also encourage, enlighten, highlight and excite his fans and audiences around the world.”

On the African Run program Ziggy said lead actor Kingsley Ben Adir had done a “good job” starring for Bob Marley, as did his British compatriot Lashana Lynch, who plays the role of Rita.

“Suh yeh, I feel like a good job…The actor is Ben Adir; He is English, but he did a really good job. Lashana Lynch, she is another phenomenal actor we have in her; my madda is playing And the whole cast is radically Jamaican. We have so many relatives who were there: Ras Michael’s son; They are Chinna Smith, Family Man, Junior Marvin; Bunny Wailer are inna go. Sheldon plays Neville. So it represents justice,” he said.

A 2020 Gleaner article that covered the period of the biopic notes that on December 3, 1976, when Bob was shot in his home at 56 Hope Road, Jamaicans across the island were completely shocked. The report said Rita Marley and Gong’s manager were also seriously injured when a bullet grazed Bob’s chest and another shot in his arm.

According to the story, Bob Marley was shot at a free Jamaican laugh concert at National Heroes Park in Kingston two days later.

That concert had been organized to highlight the political tensions and gang wars that Jamaica had held in the months before the General Election until December 1976.

A flyer that advertised the event said, “Bob Marley, in association with the cultural section, the office of the Prime Minister (Michael Manley) will host Jamaica Laughter, a public concert featuring Bob Marley and the Wailers and the 1 Three.”

“Marley’s popularity was great in parts of Europe and the USA.” It is seen by many as a revered symbol of freedom. The attack, some say, would send a strong message not to act in politics… The question that still lingers is whether Marley was attacked by assassins in political parties or was it the work of the CIA?” the article said.

The article notes that after the assassination attempt, Bob flew to Nassau, Bahamas, and later to England, where he reported his death. Exodus and Kaya albums in 1977 and 1978, they founded

Two years later, he returned to Jamaica for the famous Peace Love concert, where Manley and Seaga joined hands in a symbolic gesture of solidarity.

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