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Ice is one of the most beautiful and deadly elements of nature. Forming crystals, shells, snow, and entanglements, it can either delight with intricate delights or hurt with hardened ferocity. Like solidified water, this cold element has an almost innumerable variety of forms. This makes ice an excellent sauce tool.

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Ice Age has been the most common movement in the world of fantasy sports. Whether showing the fragility of life or the presence of a great threat, many popular jugglers include ice-covered, wintry environments to set the scene. However, it’s not just a joke, but a pregnancy trigger, someone from real estate.


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8 Lucy Kuo

In the world infamous freedom, characters can be drawn for all the abilities of the elements. For Lucy Kuo, her powers as an ice conduit were powered by force. First an NSA agent, she was kidnapped and experimented on by fanatic Joseph Bertrand III.

The capabilities of the Lucius aqueduct allow it to handle ice and cold air. She can freeze nearby enemies with an icy cloud, throw balls of ice at her enemies, or even create large spikes of ice that hurl enemies into the air.

7 Jin Kisaragi

Jin Kisaragi Blazblue

The BlazBlue The fighting game franchise also features a very icy character in the form of Jin Kisaragi. Not only do Jin have impressive weapons and ice powers, but his character also reflects this cool character. Aloof, mindless, and with no motivation to kill anyone along the way, Jin represents the fiercest element of ice.

Jin wields his weapon, the Sword Sword: Yukianesa, with all the grace and skill he has learned in his formal military training. He also has the power to encase his opponents in ice, which temporarily incapacitates them.

6 Kula Diamond

Kula Diamond King of Fighters

Another character with impressive cryokinesis skills is Kula Diamond, who also goes by the name Ice Doll. Kula is the most common character Rey of furries freedom that was first created as a weapon by the nesting cartel. Like many of the Ice Age characters on this list, he stands out with his recognizable blue hair.

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Kula has an impressive array of frosty abilities, including the ability to create ice out of thin air, freeze opponents, and form snow-rock projectiles. Its abilities are so great that it can freeze entire levels in the game, but it offers damage to everyone.

5 ice man

Mega Man Ice Man

Ice Man is a cool Robot Master from the Mega Man a series of games that can withstand extreme environmental conditions. As a creation of Dr. Ice Man is impervious to light, so he can still perform at any sub-temperatures and even in hot environments.

His unique weapon is the Ice Slasher, which is a steel arrow shaped like ice that shoots from the ice man’s mouth. This icy projectile freezes something in its path due to the cold temperature of 200 degrees below zero.

4 Shiva

final fantasy 16 six shiva

In final fantasy freedom, Shiva is one of the many summonable creatures within the games. Although her design changes several times throughout the series, her core representation is of a blue-black woman with icy pale hair and often not a whole lot of clothing.

Shiva is also known by the titles of Lady of the Front and Ice Goddess. Her Ice Stare move deals ice elemental damage to the target enemy, while her Diamond Dust move deals ice elemental damage to all enemies.

3 Celsius


The Such A fantasy-RPG franchise featuring different versions of the character Celsi, a woman who represents the divine power of ice. As the Spirit, who is called Craymel or the Sacred Beast in some adaptations, Celsius is used to using magic, and can often be seen accompanying the Wolf of Fenrir.

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Celsius is often painted pale or blue in icy and snowy areas. She can cast various ice elemental chants such as Ice Needle, Ice Tornado, and Ice Fall. His chants take the form of icy missiles that can be launched at enemies or used to hinder their movement.

2 Lissandra

Known variously as the Ice Witch, keeper of dreams and mistress of ice and darkness, Lissandra is a powerful figure on a large scale. League of Legends the world Her pact with the extra-dimensional police led to the creation of iceborns, a magical alteration that allowed individual humans to resist cold and manipulated ice. As one of the archetypes of the iceborn herself, Lissandra’s powers are formidable.

Although she is capable of true ice, Lissandra’s signature magic is dealing with dark ice – a corrupted and more powerful form of the cold mineral. Her connection to and power over the dark ice is so powerful that Lissandra can reform herself wherever the dark ice spreads. Capable of freezing enemies and swearing ice in any form, Lissandra’s powers are truly chilling.

1 under zero

No Under Ice Attack

Kuai Liang, or Sub-Zero as he is better known, is the Grandmaster of the ever-popular Lin Kuei assassin family. You will be heard first freedom Although he is the second person to assume the identity of Sub-Zero, he has remained known by this alias since the beginning. You will be heard first games in the 90s. Like many ice-bringing characters, Kuai Liang is stern, disciplined, and cool in attitude.

As Sub-Zero hails from the exiled Cryomancers race, he has the ability to control ice and even air temperature in many forms. Its core causes its opponents to freeze so that their bodies turn into brittle ice. Sub-Null can also make ice forms in the form of weapons, trains and even a statue of herself.

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