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Ben Affleck’s Secret Fitness Suit For Batman Revealed! The actor worked hard and was driven physically! (Photo Credit – Flickr)

American actor Ben Affleck is one of the most famous stars in Hollywood. While he has several roles in movies like Armageddon, Berry Harbor, Gone Baby Gone and Gone Girl, to name a few, he is best known for playing the role of Batman in the DC universe.

Affleck’s long-time fitness trainer Walter Norton Jr. Affleck worked hard day in and day out, knowing that the audience’s behavioral expectations also revolved around how he looked physically.

It is important to note that Ben Affleck is focused on muscular growth and his physical and mental well-being in order to clearly portray the character in the film. So let’s take a look at the diet and exercise program that changed Ben Batman.

Ben Affleck’s Workout Breaker

As reported by Sportskeeda, the villain Walter Norton set goals for each muscle group in Ben Affleck’s body, constantly modifying and increasing the actor’s exercise routine. While the bat suit weighed about 75 pounds, the exercise regime built on muscle and overall body strength.

While his major goal was to build muscle without losing significant weight, Affleck kept his cardio to a minimum throughout his workout. Affleck only performs cardio exercises for the first 10 to 15 minutes of a workout, according to his trainer. They eat exercises like elliptical training and bike sprints.

Ben Affleck underwent weight training and bulked up. These are exercises and routines using both body weight and free weights. Planks, lunges, heavy gates, dumbbell curls, rope rows, and farmer’s walks were among the activities that made up the group. He breaks his daily workout of about two hours into three blocks to shred his body.

The first block consists of mobile exercises and a warm-up. There were exercises such as inchworms, calf, Spiderman, tables, cream sauce, elliptical. The second block of a contracted exercise program is for body building and conditioning. It includes exercises such as back bridge, half squat rows, hanging knees up, shoulder bridge, and pull ups.

A third workout block is designed to increase strength and fitness. Included among the exercises listed are goblet squats, bicycle sprints, seated double-handle barbells, alternating dumbbell curls, side squats, and V-grip pull-ups. In order to confuse the muscles and target each one effectively, Norton has repeatedly modified and refined these workouts.

Affleck regularly engages in two crucial exercises: pull-ups and chin-ups. Through these easy exercises, he could develop the physical strength and muscle mass required by Batman.

Ben Affleck on the Diet Plan

To get into Batman shape, Ben Affleck worked with dietician Rehan Jaladi. They created a diet that was designed specifically for the purest food actor. Dairy products are avoided, while sodium and carbohydrate intake are both controlled. A small intake of carbohydrates comes from healthy foods such as brown rice, oats and green vegetables.

Affleck typically eats egg whites, muesli and bananas in the morning. It gave him the energy to go through the day. He typically eats lean meats for lunch, such as grilled chicken breast and sautéed sweet potatoes.

Lunches typically include steamed Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, as well as lean meats like chicken breast or poached salmon. To stay full between meals, Affleck typically eats healthy snacks. This includes a protein bar and almonds and apples without salt. Before lunch and in preparation for an intensive workout, he also consumed protein shakes.

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