BC artist explodes to see his work in new metal video. to see elaborated

It happened6:40The BC artist is excited to see his work featured in Metallica’s new video

Never in his wildest dreams did Kelly Richardson think it would be his job to one day return to the epic musical styles of Metallica.

However, three of the BC artists’ pieces are prominently featured in metal gear new music video for 72 timesrelease a new album of the same name.

“I’m still wrapping my head around that,” said Richardson, a professor of visual arts at the University of Victoria It happened Nil Koksal’s army

“I was a big metal fan in my early twenties, and in my early twenties I used to work in this way.”

VIG | Music video for Metallica’s 72 Seasons:

The opportunity began about six weeks ago when director Tim Saccenti and artist/curator Dina Chang reached out about using some of Richardson’s art in a music video.

And for the first time, he says, he is very silent.

“It was not allowed to know which gang,” he said. “He felt that I was Metallica because I followed the director and he had produced a video for Metallica – so I had my fingers crossed.”

Art that cuts to your core

Saccenti and Chang, who run a creative studio called Setta from New York and LA, felt that Richardson’s art resonated with what they were trying to accomplish.

“In addition to being long-time fans of his work, both members of Kelly felt a special kind of greatness of the record, a kind of horror that provided an image of the sound of metal,” Saccenti said in an email.

“It’s the first iteration into pieces that cuts to your core.”

The band’s features are seen rocking, surrounded by gurgling, visual effects almost like fire, against a huge digital projection of images.

Included in it are images of three of Richardson’s pieces. Origin Storiesand Origin Storieswhich he had described as if it were a great field of stars Hellowhich depicts an eclipse.

“At one point you see James Hetfield inside the eclipse,” says Richardson. “This moment in my video.”

Guitarist James Hetfield almost appears to be inside Canadian artist Richardson’s Halo in the music video for 72 Seasons. (Metallica/YouTube)

I see the work projected on the wall

While filming the video, Saccenti says they “set up” Origin series on a huge Volume screen – a kind of high definition video wall that shows computerized backdrops.

Richardson’s work was displayed on shelves in galleries and museums, but this was much more important than the usual exhibitions.

When Origen was shown, Saccenti says, “The 100-strong crowd was silent in respect to the technical and creative noise.”

“It was the perfect blend of spectacle and emotion, creating an almost mythological environment for the band to capture,” he said.

Cabins and crews silhouetted against a vast expanse of purple-blue covered in radiant stars or diamonds.
Origin projected in the background during the set of Metallica’s 72 Seasons. (set)

Richardson describes the particle as “a field of debris made of crystals or diamonds, and floating in space.” Diamonds, he says, represent extinct species.

“In my practice, I’ve explored many ideas that highlight the anxieties where as a species, in fact, with regard to climate change. In the middle, he said.

“Finally, I’m trying to meet people, or all of us really in the conversation asking us to really ask ourselves what it is that we really value.”

Despite repeated lyrics of “man’s wrath,” Richardson is not convinced 72 times His work explores the same environmental themes.

“But it’s good,” he said. “As long as the work resonates on some level with people and is in the public consciousness on some level, then there is potential for a more complex dialogue to come from it.”

Three pictures are hung next to the wall of the museum, each showing a different time of the solar eclipse.  All three are red.
Halo Richardson’s display. (SITE Photography)

A purple color full of bright lights that look like stars in the night sky.
Origin in his work, Richardson says that he wants to “visualize the extinction crisis” that we are now in the middle of both species represented as diamonds. (Kelly Richardson)

Impressing his students and children

The video has already been viewed more than three million times since it was released last week. His disciples, he says, were at the same time confused and impressed.

The son is also a fan.

“My teenager plays the guitar and knows more metal songs than any other band, so I couldn’t tell him personally, I could just do something along the way with my son,” he said. “He thinks it’s really cool and he told me he’s really proud, so awesome.”

The 72 times the album comes out on April 24. White’s film version – which includes Richardson’s artdue to audiences at select theaters worldwide on April 13.

“I’m going to one in Victoria. Absolutely. I don’t miss it,” he said. “It’s really a huge honor.”

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