Bad Batch’s Season 2 Finale Featured in Callback to Clone 99

Contains spoilers for Star Wars: Bad Batch Season 2, Episode 15, “Summit,” and Episode 16, “Plan 99.” Both are now streaming on Disney+.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch 2 The seasons were full of mystery. Wondering when Cid would betray the team was a big question. Another question was what Emperor Cody had left after the Empire. However, the biggest issues in Season 2 revolved around Mount Tantiss. Fans wanted to know what Dr. Hemlock may have tried, but even after the destruction and daring of the last, where Hemlock remained a mystery in history and in real life.

“Summa” and “Plan 99” saw Clone Force 99 searching for more information about Mr. Hemlock. They wanted to put their hunter on board so they could follow him to the imprisoned Crosshair. But thanks to Saw Gerrera, their plan was grandly dismissed, and Tech died in the process. While it was a dark end, the callback was also designed to be a favorite Star Wars: The Clone Wars behavior, Clone 99 s.

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Who was Clone 99 in the Clone Wars?

One of the best parts The Clone Wars already getting to focus on some of * star wars best clones Season 3 debuts a group of clones called the Lord Squad, which includes: Echo, Five, Cutup, Droidbait and Hevy. The rest of the series was followed by members of the Lord Squad to show fans the progress of the Clones – from training on Kamino to becoming an ARC Trooper. However, the Domino Squad fell short in the early days.

The Lord Squad failed in the educational session called the castle challenge, because it worked with its own team. Due to failure, Hevy almost went AWOL until he was repelled by the figure: Clone 99. He was an ugly clone who was unfit for battle. He worked as a janitor on Kamino, where he met Hevy and the rest of the Master Squad. Because of encouragement, the squad tried out and became soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic.

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The Tech Sacrifice was a tribute to Clone 99

In the Bad Batch, Tech Clone Force 99 falls to their deaths

After being separated from the war on Kamino, Echo and Five returned to the defense service. Clone 99 was still wearing a janitor, but it was trying to fight when the droids invaded. He proved himself to be a true soldier by leading the cadets to safety and bringing them to the armory, but the droid was shot down in battle while he was planning more explosives. After the battle he was lamented by his brothers, and praised for his work.

Clone 99 lived on in Clone Force 99. The team that changed to the Clones was named in honor of Clone 99 and his sacrifice. But Bad Batch’s The Season 2 finale episodes specifically referenced Clone 99. When Tech was suspended from the car, he could see that the rest of his team would perish if they waited for him or helped him. Tech wanted to sacrifice himself – even though he wasn’t dead – so that Omega and the rest of the Bad Batch could live.

Tech was sure of his plan, so Wrecker said he was going to start plan 99 — a predetermined plan where he would sacrifice himself as a clone so the other clones could live. Then he rushed to an apparent death, which could be sadder. The actions that Clone 99 took on Kamino were the names of the sacrificial plan, and despite the sadness of losing Tech, his name Plan 99 was a beautiful callback to Clone 99.

The Bad Batch Season 1 and 2 are streaming now on Disney+

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