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Hit the fitness bug? Love to experiment with new workouts? thenjourney This is the ring you should try if you haven’t already. Recently, actor Ashmit Patel was seen working out with this gym equipment in Los Angeles’ Santa Monica, in a video captured by the actor and his former agent. Shenaz Treasury.

“Do you know what these are? They call the travelers rings. This is in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Next to the Santa Monica Pier, there is an open #gym with foreign rings, bars etc for public use. This is the original site of Muscle Beach (not to be confused with the iconic Gold’s gym which is a stone’s throw away on Venice Beach). This is one of the main spots in LA that really expresses the real Californian lifestyle, “on Instagram”.

In this historic workout venueyou will see the locals training and working every day. Check out the amazing rings on the tour and go for it like I did. Those guys rock, so don’t be embarrassed if you can’t fly them. I asked one of them about rings and he encouraged me to give him a shot with some key tips,” shared Patel.

He also opened up about not warming up properly, which leads to a sore throat. In the comments section, I tagged Shenaz and wrote, Hahaha because of the vid. My shoulders They hurt, remember? I came in the cold without heat. ” Because of this, he had advice for everyone who wanted to give it a try. “Make sure you shoulder those shoulders and let’s go gooooo… #ashfit”.

What are traveler rings, and how do they help?

According to, these are “special species”. fitness equipment which usually have 5-10 aluminum rings suspended by chains, each of which is connected to an iron support or beam”. “He can travel from one ring to the next through a combination of arm pulls and leg swings,” he reads.

The site is still marked, although tourist rings have existed since at least the 1860s, the original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, California popularized them in the 1970s. “The game has grown and new techniques have emerged from tireless practice, although no official rules yet exist.” guidelines. The style is left to unfold in detail, which makes it the perfect smile for anyone willing to try something new,” he reads.

Make sure you stay warm to avoid injuries (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

According to Varun Rattan, co-founder, Body Sciences Academy, Noida, rings offer travelers a “full body workout” by engaging multiple muscle groups that can help build and increase your strength and endurance in a fun way. “It can be the arms, the shoulders, the back, the chest, the core, the legs, depending on the type of movement,” he said.

Traveler rings can help improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, and movementadded Rattan.

While traveling rings can be fun and effective exercises to work out, there are some precautions you should take, Rattan urges.

* High-quality equipment for the intended use is important. In which are the rings themselves, and straps, hooks, or other attachments. Make sure everything is firmly attached and in good condition before you start your workout.

*Ring ring exercises require proper technique and form to avoid injury. It’s important to learn proper form and start with easier movements before moving on to progression. Common injuries are strains, sprains, and accidents. It’s important to listen to your body and avoid pushing yourself too hard, Rattan warned.

*If you are new to ring walking exercises, it is a good idea to have a trained professional supervise your work.

“Remember to do the full body” Reheating at least 10 minutes before doing these exercises to avoid injuries, said Rattan.

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