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Best and worst of Zinchenko

The pros of Oleksandr Zinchenko at left back are well known by this point. When drifting into midfield, the Ukrainian offers one of the most secure passing options in world football and from these positions he can be the chisel required to dismantle the brick wall defences that Arsenal face regularly in the Premier League at the moment. You’ve essentially got a number ten at left back.

But there are problems with this too. Chief among them being that you’ve essentially got a number ten at left back.

For each match-winning assist, like his one for Martin Odegaard, there is an error like the one leading to Matheus Cunha’s nerve-jangling goal, lurking around the corner. The way you view Zinchenko probably comes down to whether you’re a glass half-full, or glass half-empty kind of person. Mikel Arteta certainly falls into the former category.

“You have to love him, how he is,” the Spaniard said. “Every player has strengths and weaknesses. Alex has many more strengths. This happened and it can happen to any player. We have to learn from it because there are certain areas where it’s a big no to play, especially after certain things in the previous phase. That’s it. We will get better.”

On Saturday we saw the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde element to Zinchenko. There are few players who would have combined so superbly with Gabriel Jesus to make to give Arsenal a two goal lead. But then again there aren’t many left backs who would have tried to play out under a swarm of orange Wolves shirts at 2-0 with just four minutes remaining.

Having coached Zinchenko at City and helped covert him into the player he is today, Arteta can hardly say he didn’t know what he was getting into. Inherent in the reward the 26-year-old offers is a risk that more conservative managers may shy away from.

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