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Back in 1997, when Ari Emanuel had just two years to build a business talent that would disrupt the US entertainment industry, he convinced Vince McMahon, a professional wrestling impresario, to meet for breakfast.

At the time, the WWE manager “didn’t do it; everyone was chasing him,” Emanuel remembers. But McMahon was sold on Emanuel’s tenacity and hired him as his agent.

This week, Emanuel signed a $21bn deal to acquire WWE from McMahon and combine it with UFC’s mixed martial arts business to create a match-party juggernaut. It’s the latest bold move for Emanuele, who worked his way up from CAA’s talent mailroom to become one of the most powerful in Hollywood.

“Years later, I get to be” [McMahon’s] partner For a kid from Chicago, my father was an immigrant, it’s a pretty incredible thing, Emanuel, 62, told the Financial Times in an interview.

When Emanuel co-founded a talent agency in 1995, he operated out of a small office above a steakhouse in South Beverly Hills. But he had great ambitions to undertake the establishment of the entertainment industry which he mastered.

The fighting businessman, who tried to merge with rival William Morris, acquired IMG Sports Media and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, along with about 20 more transactions.

The business expanded into an entertainment giant with 11,000 employees worldwide, and a client roster that included heavyweights Oprah Winfrey and Martin Scorsese. They also propel Emanuel into the ranks of Hollywood executives with Disney’s Bob Iger and Warner Bros. The invention of David Zaslav.

Emanuel, a child diagnosed with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, has shown that it has translated into a talent for manipulation. He is constantly crafting, selling his mother’s homemade pies cheesecake from lunches bought in schools. Emanuel also started a brick-and-mortar business, paying friends $3 to do physical labor, charging customers $5 and pocketing the difference.

“Ari really couldn’t help but be upset,” his older brother Ezekiel, who is an oncologist and adviser to the Obama and Biden administrations, wrote in 2013. “He always watches at five o’clock. Jittery and anxious, he could not stay in bed, and walked about the house looking for something to occupy his mind.”

Today, Cona is best known for his ruthless ambition and strong-willed personality, which inspired the frenetic character of Arrian in the HBO series. company. People who work with him describe him as tireless, endlessly knocking on doors and calling people.

Now he is called a Hollywood mogul. Not an actor, a Hollywood mogul. This is almost what he wanted in reality,” the media executive said.

Emanuel’s contract with WWE is a colossal pledge that live events and games will continue to capture the wallets of viewers and broadcasters. “It’s a very rare event when an iconic global brand becomes available,” he said. “And when he acts, he must also say.”

The company’s share price fell about 6 percent after the deal was announced on Monday. But Emanuel has a long history in its borders.

In 2019, he tried to get public attention, but he asked for a plug when he did not reach the rating. It’s a rare failure to grow chatter that a bold Hollywood actor isn’t cut out to run a public company.

Less than two years later, he bolstered his initial public offering by buying out the minority owners of the UFC and got his act together. Emanuel won shares that translated into a $308mn package for 2021.

Emmanuel is also known for his obsession with health, which includes a strict vegan diet, before sunrise, and daily ice baths for “strength of mind.” Last summer, a photo of Emanuel with a slim Elon Musk, when they were both wearing helmets, was “a good moment to lose weight,” says the Tesla chief executive. he said.

A third Emanuel tortures his brother equally grievously, but for state rather than pleasure. Rahm is former President Barack Obama’s White House Governor and mayor of Chicago and is now the US ambassador to Japan.

Ari sometimes runs into hot topics, writing an FT editorial that called out rapper Kanye West for antisemitic comments. In 2018, Opera returned $400mn to the Saudi Arabian Public Fund following the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. “You have” some “I’m dying,” Emanuel told the New Yorker magazine.

The latest deal brings Emanuel back into Saudi orbit. For 10 years, WWE has had a deal with the Saudi Arabian General Authority to bring events to the country.

and McMahon is a controversial figure. The gruff-voiced executive retired last year after allegations of sexual misconduct. An investigation into McMahon’s board found millions of dollars in settlements that were written off as expenses. At the age of 77, he finally returned to the executive chair in January.

Asked by the FT if he had any concerns about his partnership with McMahon, Emanuel said: “Not one.”

“Take away madness. . . . I believe in knowledge. It has been sought. Iniquity has not been found. “So we move.”

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