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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from season 1 and 2

The two seasons of Flavijackets premiered on March 24 with fans in two worlds from 1996 and 2021. They were rejected in the show and Paramount Plus plus the show between the events of the past and the flight of the past and the initial collapse in which the team of female soccer players were stuck in the desert for 19 months , and their lives in the present. The show has a very Lord of the Flies feel to it, as a teenager in Canada tries to survive in the harsh outdoors.

Are the Yellowjackets up there?

There have been questions about whether Crocus could be a paranormal show with some alien scenes and hints of some otherworldly things.

One of the great things is Lottie Matthews’ visions from Courtney Eaton, which she has had since the beginning.

Lottie foresees a popular car crash with her parents and initially refuses to go into a creepy cabin by the pond with a group later discovering a skeleton in the attic.

Additionally, he ordered the girls to distract themselves from the present horror, but this again took on another dark order.

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Yellow Jackets co-showrunner Jonathan Lisco recently asked about whether or not the show was supernatural, saying the series isn’t about an “alien monster” coming to devour a teenager.

He said that there was “exclusively” no “supernatural” force which caused persons to behave in such a manner.

Lisco would not be drawn into saying whether one or the other show was about supernatural forces.

Simply put, SFX Magazine focuses on the tension between whether this was a dark force at work or whether it was something “alchemically generated” by these women together, something the writers “persevered to me.”

Yellowjackets fans took to Reddit to discuss whether the show would be rooted in reality or if it would become supernatural with a drama likely comparable to Lost, which is known to have supernatural science and fictional elements woven into the narrative.

Reddit user Sissyspacesick said: “To me, much like dealing with trauma, people see what they want to see. I don’t think the writers and showrunners will give us a definitive answer because ambiguity is what makes the show interesting.

“I agree with the idea that supernatural material actually existing would destroy the reality show. But when they show us something, like Lottie’s vision with Travis, I feel like they’re just showing us what she saw, not necessarily proving that the vision is true or real. It’s part of the mystery. “

Member user drflanigan agreed: “That’s right, I’m subtly suspicious of the characters, but not from the perspective of the VIEWERS.

“I want to know without a hundred percent doubt that everything is true, but characters can have reasonable reasons for believing what they believe. They have done a good job up to that point, we don’t just want to get to the point where the viewers have to decide if the spirits helped them or not, because it’s a hit.”

A third No_Nefarious_312 wrote: “I agree. I can go with Lottie’s psychic or whatever, but I don’t like the victims bringing prosperity. I also agree about RAVUS.’

While user Tayreads608 mused: “Recognition already has both realistic and supernatural elements. The show was mostly about how the characters perceive those elements. It’s ambiguous for this purpose to have the possibility of both open. On top of that, the supernatural elements don’t negate the trauma commentary and the shows often allegorize for things like trauma, pain, guilt, etc.

“I don’t think the show will ever say one way or the other, but I don’t think there’s any reason to be upset if it did.”

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