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American Idol Season 21 returned Sunday night as Hollywood Week kicked off with a performance challenge. In addition to some incredible performances, the event also worked out in a surprising way to leave the competition Sarah Bethsan.

Sarah Beth Quits American Idol During Hollywood Week

Singer Sara Bethsan got talking to people at the hearing, as fans accused judge Katy Perry of mom shaming her. During Hollywood Week, he performed “Roxanne” from The Police. After the song, she shared that it was her “last performance” so she wanted to go home to her kids.

Perry tried to persuade her to stay in the fight, telling her that “her love is as much as a mother’s love.” The judges also told Sarah Beth that she had made it through Hollywood Week. However, she still wanted to go home, admitting that she might regret it later.

In this part, the contestants chose one of three areas for improvement – confidence, singing, and stage presence. There were several an idol Students are on hand to mentor them, including Jordin Sparks, Clay Aiken, Justin Guarini, David Archuleta, Phillips Phillips, and Catie Turner.

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Singers deliver strong performances

Sunday night’s episode featured several strong contenders from this season. That includes a powerful rendition of “I Surrender” by Nutsa, an emotional take on “Something in Orange” by Marybeth Byrd, and a creative original song by Wé Ani.

We challenged her to work on her stage presence by encouraging the judges and the audience to sing along with her as she did. After he walked off the stage, he heard everyone resoundingly singing the lyrics that made him cry.

Another of the most impressive performances from Sunday night came from Lucia Amore, who sang “To make my love to you”, earning a standing ovation from the judges. Perry called it a “spectacle” and joked “the spectacle is over.”

The judges were also impressed by Jam Tongi, who performed “I Can’t Love You” by Bonnie Raitt. Luke Bryan predicted that he would make it into the Top 10.

Judges to hand out the Fourth Platinum Ticket

A promo for Sunday’s new episode of Hollywood Weekly teased that the judges will be handing out another Platinum Ticket. It happened that any of the players was elected a year ago. Elijah Singer McCormick was announced as the winner of America’s vote of thanks.

Elias joins Nationals Platinum Ticket winners Tyson Venegas, Kaylin Hedges, and Cam Amen. They’ll skip the Hollywood premiere of the week and get straight to the duets, which will air on Monday night. The judges told the remaining contestants at the end of Sunday’s episode that they were going to choose their partners.

Find out which singers are preparing and who are making it through the next round when the second night of Hollywood Week airs Monday night at 8/7c on ABC.

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