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Lionel Richie put it best at Monday’s end American Idol: “That f-ked me. I can’t take this.”

The judge of the Hollywood Week finale was reporting a duet, which was supposed to be a performance of Adam Lambert’s “Whataya Want A Me” between Kaya Stewart and Fire. Is there a catch? Duets require two voices, and only one is ready to sing on stage.

“In this episode, I worked with fire and fire, which was such an experience,” Stewart announced to the judges after explaining that he had been progressively ill throughout the week. “She’s so talented, so incredible, and we’ve bonded so much. But I realized I couldn’t give 100 percent, so I decided not to do it.” When asked by Katy Perry if that journey was over by Stewart Idol, she confirmed, “Yes. Not doing it today means I’m no longer going to be in the competition.”

Rather than allow Fire to sing alone, the judges threw their staff into the sea of ​​other contestants, asking if anyone wanted to join her on stage. Jayna Elise but the food, which was the best it could be, seemed useless. Considering Elise’s group Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing”, it really speaks to the flexibility and versatility of Elise that she was able to rescue Fire with a completely different note at the moment of the song.

Or perfect perfect? Absolutely not. But he had his moments, and his rustic Fire is packed for this season, so come on – don’t you think he’ll do it by himself?

And to think this all happened just 24 hours after Sarah Bethsan suddenly dropped out of the competition, choosing to return home with her three children.

Read on for a breakdown of the two (plus one trio!) sent to next week’s Showstopper round up…

* The first team of the night; Elias McCormick and Lucy LoveIt was as magical as you would think it would be. This jazzy arrangement of Temptation’s “My Girl” gave the singers ample opportunity to showcase their individual talents while also blending their voices into a beautiful mix. It was simple, it was strong, it was… Click here to watch

* Matt Wilson‘s smooth, R&B friendly vocals mixed surprisingly well with Elise-Kristinea more folky sound, leading to a good – but not perfect – Calum Scot performance of “You’re the One”, which was impressive both in its strong and softer moments. Click here to watch

* Chemistry between Anna Nicholas and Warren Peay and there was an instant and unreliable in them to Tim McGraw’s “It’s your love.” These two genuine artists have come together as a testament to the renaissance of two country classics, and I look forward to more. Watch:

* Mercy and compassion can take you far American Idol – as asked Zacharias Faber and Isaac Brown (aka the “Body Roll Boys”) who attempted Elton John’s “Stand Still Standing” with their faces glued to their phones because they didn’t learn the lyrics. Perry told them to let go of the phones and trust them, which was a terrible decision because he basically just left them streaming there. The judges loved the two finished lyrics, and I’ll admit that Smith also sang a fantastic voice in some moments, but I’m amazed by both of these guys’ performance. Less is more, especially when the choreography becomes cheesy. Click here if you dare to watch.

American Idol Tyson Venegas Kaylin Hedges* high expectations (perhaps too high?) ​​for Tyson Venegas and Kaylin HedgesTwo Platinum Ticket winners who teamed up to perform Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” It was good. Even though it was a lot of fun. Like, you obviously don’t need to start at 11 out of 10. But I can’t hate some of the fixed features. And I won’t bother to blame Venegas for forgetting the lyrics – that was such a common occurrence this week, as it felt the demand. Click here to watch

* lam tongii It was easily one of the most anticipated of the night, but the big moment took a sad turn when the guitar gifted to him by his godfather suddenly broke. He introduced the new guitar to the performance, promising the judges that he could fix Tongi’s own Idola team, but his confidence was clearly shaken. Fortunately, through his emotions to do well enough to write the Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears” with Oliver Steele. I wouldn’t have chosen either song, let alone a duet, but it was enough to keep me in the game. Watch:

* Remember that trio I alluded to earlier? Well, Idol ended up with an odd number of singers this week (thanks, Sara Beth!), so poor Adin Boyer he was left without a companion. Fortunately, Enjoy the summer and Jayna Elise — yes, the same Jayna Elise who called Fire in the hour of need — they were more than happy to make the two of their trio. Didn’t it sound like three completely different versions of “Still Standing” singing together? A little! But with that harmony they were close tightand I realized that every singer got a chance to show off what you have. Perry calls them the Holy Trinity major stretch Click here to watch

* That is acceptable we encourage and PJAEI wanted to embrace the concept of Blu Cantrell’s “Hit ‘Em Up Style,” but I think I really leaned into it a little too hard, as the dark energy sometimes overpowered the other solid vocals. However, when Ani’s boats started, the deal was sealed for me. That was a time. Watch:

* The next person was incredibly frustrated at the show; J. Valerione that over the moon when Amen He chose them as a partner, but the pressure of the struggle quickly got to them, and usually Amen passed away before nightfall. Amen was left to prepare for the ceremony, but his plans were changed again when Valerione suddenly appeared the next morning. Although almost no time is left for recitation, the Amen agrees with the praises of Valerio, an act of mercy for which the saint deserves an Amen. The end result was not great. I didn’t even know they were singing the Doobie Brothers’ “Listen to the Music” until they hit the chorus. However, both were sent, and I can’t be mad about it.

Unfortunately, not everyone’s Idol story got a happy ending this Monday night. keel deangelo He was sent home despite being a duet partner nutso he was walking through Yes, the end of the road Live Hatfieldwhose duet with Preston Duffee would be good (click here look) but also highlighted that you are basically the same person in a copy of the cookie. But we will see more of Duffee.

OK, how do we feel when Hollywood Week is finally behind us? Which singers will start to grow on you? And what did you think of the biggest moments of the night, including Stewart’s elimination? All from below in the comments.

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