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[Warning: The below contains spoilers for American Idol.]

Pressure surged through the ” American Idol Duets Around Hollywood Week. This season those who made it through the Euismod round were weighed by choosing their partners. Katy Perry liked it ad American Idol the hunger games Platinum ticket holders Tyson Venegas, Kaylin Hedges, and Cam Amen had a first round of who they wanted to work with.

Some were struggling, while others ventured to smooth sail the rocky road. This results in breakdowns, walk-throughs, and charged operations. Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy had the tough task of narrowing down the field before the Show Stopper round and final judgement. Find out if your favorites survived, below.

Dunamis Dou – Elias McCormick & Lucy Love

ABC/Eric McCandless

Dunamis is Greek for empire. Elias chose Lucia because of her stage presence and how she brought energy to lifting. Elias thought about being given a second chance at life by accidentally recovering a fatal car just hours after his high school graduation. Lucia an idol He nurtured a dream of wanting to leave a lasting legacy for his kids. The two created a beautiful harmony in “My Girl” through trials. “And so you did,” cried Lionel. Katy seemed fun and loved their vibe. The judges agree.

Jet Setters – Carina DeAngelo & Nutsa


ABC/Eric McCandless

They were talking about the meeting in Vegas and friends were always away from it. The good vibes didn’t last as Carina didn’t like Nutsa going to her hotel room in the morning. Nutsa came down an hour later with Carina and the vocal coach. Carina’s frustrations continued. He felt the resolution and disposition of the Nutsa arc only. It was 3:20 am in the morning. Fast forward to the next day, when their pens rattled, it became clear between “I’ll put a song on you.” The judges felt the tension and were overwhelmed overall. They sent Carina home and kept Nutsam.

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl – Elise Kristine & Matt Wilson

Elise Christine, Matt Wilson

ABC/Eric McCandless

Matt Elise had an audition for him before deciding on partnering up. Two of the top voices came together nicely though on “The Reason You Are” by Calum Scott. The judges gave a standing ovation. “You are one of my voices,” Luke said to Matthew. Their confidence shone through Luke, Lionel and Katy. Even the 18-year-old is decorated with the voice of Elisha at such a young age. They go to the next round.

Blue Bonnett – Hannah Nicolaisen & Warren Peay


ABC/Eric McCandless

The two chose the intimate song Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s “Love Is Yours” even though they had just met. They took some coaching from Luca to get them in the right mood to pull off authentic performance. That’s how they finally fell in love. Lucas felt the magic, they took the impression of classical music and made it their own. Easy decisions for them.

Body Roll Boys – Zachary Smith & Isaac Brown


ABC/Eric McCandless

Isaac wanted to help Zachary get “jiggy with her”. They decided on Elton John’s “Stand” as the song chosen in recognition of their fierce spirit. It was a struggle to fix the lyrics going into the performance. Katy stopped the music after watching them play on their phones. “Sing like that,” he commanded. They put their phones in the pockets of their hope. Zacharias fed the beautiful Isaac, although they missed a few lyrics. The judges appreciated their improvisational efforts. They took that decision. Two survived.

Shenanigans – Kaylin Fences & Tyson Venegas


ABC/Eric McCandless

Tyson wanted to pick a duet partner who had a good personality and went with a platinum ticket holder partner in Kaylin. Young favorites sang: “Don’t stop me now”, by Regina. The judges were cold. Luke Tyson said he was the biggest star they had ever met. They were sent.

Camo Cousins ​​- Jon Wayne Hatfield & Preston Duffee


ABC/Eric McCandless

He made a match in the camo sky. Their bromance was born in New Orleans, coupled with matching tattoos in 2001. The country duo went with “Buy Dirt” alongside Jordan Davis and Luke Judge, which is a recognized risk. Luke said it wasn’t an easy decision, but he broke the bad news that it was the end of the line for John Wayne. Preston got the green light to go ahead.

Kindred spirits – Oliver Steele & now Tongi


ABC/Eric McCandless

The two shared an emotional bond as they embarked on a musical journey with their dads and wanted to honor them. The guitar was already broken in front of the stage. He doesn’t use his father’s guitar confidence. Lovely Hawaiian power through in a refreshing version of the week’s “Save the tears”. Lucas noticed that he was already reading his guitar book, but he brought the soul two to the table. Both made it to the next round.

The Trio – Jayna Elise, Adin Boyer & Summer Joy


ABC/Eric McCandless

Aidin had a breakdown after not finding a partner. He reminded himself why he was there, and wanted to show what those with autism go through. Aidin was one of the odd couple and Jayne and Summer were the only pair of the trio. And meshed well in “I stand still”. Those katy rones of the holy trinity. Lionel loved their confidence. The judges thought Summer was the best of the group, but they still sent everyone forward.

Cryptic – PJAE & Nos Ani


ABC/Eric McCandless

Their name was born from Leonelli’s opinion that sometimes their criticism was a little cryptic. The personal pairing planned for the show’s judges to put on a new thread on Blu Cantrell’s “Hit ‘Em Style (Oops!).” “Never had more fun watching a duet,” Katy said after they finished. The pop star can see a potential long-term duo, if an idol do not work for them. An easy decision moves them through.

Untitled – Cam Amen & J Valerione


ABC/Eric McCandless

Cam’s choice of said duet partner was more than voice but heart. He told the dream of fighting and making sacrifices to excommunicate him. I pressed them all together, and pressed them together. Later, Cam received a text that Jay had left the competition. At sunrise, Jay returned and had a change of heart. The two teamed up again on the Doobie Brothers’ hit “Listen to the Music.” Katy J is said to be a leader and Cam is graced with grace and compassion. They did so afterwards.

Big & Proud – Fire & Kaya Stewart


ABC/Eric McCandless

The two seemed to click right from the start. But the next morning everything changed as Kaya was battling an illness. Fire and Kaya walked on stage to what was supposed to be a performance of “Whataya Want a Me” by an idol alum Adam Lambert Stewart told the jury that he was ill and did not want to perform. The daughter of Eurythmic Dave Stewart then left the stage in tears. Katy asked a roommate who wanted to sing with Fire, a single mom who worked as a stripper. Jayna Elise answered the call. Katy has recovered from the fire and has not left her. The judges were touched to see how Jayna picked up the fire and her never-give-a-fire attitude. Fire’s an idol hope remained unquenchable.

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