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“American Idol,” the iconic series that revolutionized television’s musical genre, is back for another season on ABC. Helping decide who America will ultimately vote to become the next singing sensation are the music industry’s powerhouses and superstar judges. Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy Award winner Ryan Seacrest The series hosts the reality TV competition for the show’s sixth season on ABC and 21 overall.

Tonight is “Hollywood Week Part 2”), as the ghostly “American Idol” alumni return as departed leaders to build confidence, stage presence and songwriting as they prepare for amazing performances on the iconic stage of Hollywood Week. Read our full recap of Season 21 Episode 8 airing April 3, below.

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Come back to help this season’s crop of contestants navigate Hollywood Week Clay Aiken (Time 2 runner-up); David’s archuleta (Time 7 runner-up); Justin Guarini (Time 1 runner-up); Philip Phillips (11-time winner); jordan sparks (Time 6 winner) and Catie Turner (Time 16 Top 7).

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8:00 p.m – Previously on “American Idol”! Hollywood Week kicked off with some of America’s most experienced and undiscovered artists taking the stage for the solo round. The rules have been updated from previous years: rather than choosing a genre, they choose one area they want to improve – confidence, singing or stage presence. Above were three Platinum Ticket holders (Tyson Venegas, Kaylin Hedges and Amen) who had the convenience of going round this round, and going straight to the duets. He was voted at the American Music Awards as America’s fourth Platinum Ticket winner Elijah McCormick. Tonight, we see clever duets all around, where people either mix or collide as they sing of their hope for life.

8:07 am – The Platinum Ticket holders first pick for their duet partner (and can even choose each other). Elias Lucy Love because of the infectious energy He hopes his stage presence will help him out of his shell. They sing “My Girl” and come together like they’ve done all their lives. It’s a great source for this and Katy says, “I’ve never heard ‘My Girl’ like that. The judges have nothing to discuss. Elijah and Lucy both went to the next round.

8:20 a.m — The next two are a little less agreeable. Carina DeAngelo and nuts they came together to sing, but they have a completely different work ethic. While Carina is ready to pull an all-nighter, Nutsa is lying down and the diamond is heavier. I feel like this happens at least once every two years. Carina sang to the judges about her frustrations, who only wanted to hear her sing at this point. The song “I Cantatio in Te” and Lionel can feel the tension. Katy calls it “underrunning.” Lionel tells Carina that this is the end of the road for him, but he allows Nutsa to continue. Carina is clearly unhappy, but I think Nutsa feels really bad about the situation. Katy advises Nutsam to have “greater grace” as she continues.

8:30 p.m – They are next Elise-Kristine and Matt Wilson the song “You are right.” The songs have different styles, but they blend beautifully, sharing powerful vocals and harmonies throughout. They get a standing ovation from the judges, and Lucas says Matt is one of his favorite vocalists he’s ever heard. Both of these two will move on to the next round.

8:45 a.mAnna Nicholas and Warren Peay sing “It’s your love” for their duet, piling in the intimacy, even though they just met. The judges clearly love the combination of these two, nodding and smiling at each other throughout. But Lucas calls it a big moment and both are promoted to the next round. Some time later Zacharias Faber and Isaac Brown sing “I am standing.” The reports were wild for these two, who had been thinking past 3:00, and still did not know the lines of the next morning. Zacharias is in tears in his frustrations, but the two never blame each other for anything. The lyrics are just hard to pin down. They actually do the phones on stage with them to perform and Katy shouts, “STOP! Did you get a calling? When Isaac admits he needs help on the phone with the letter, Lionel replies, “We’re going to have a problem.” After putting away their phones, Zachary and Isaac just go for it and complete all the lyrics while dancing around and having a good time. I think it’s completely ridiculous, but the judges must be enjoying it. I would have given both of them the axe, but the judges will go to the next round.

9:00 in the afternoon – The next Platinum Ticket holder to choose his partner was 16-year-old Tyler. Choose fellow Platinum Ticket holder Kaylin! They sing “Don’t Stop Me Now” and live up to the hype, almost immediately giving the judges goosebumps. Lionel calls it “full of wonder” and these two get on easily. Luke Tyler says he’s the biggest star they’ve ever met.

9:15 a.m — The following couple have developed something of a bromance and have matching tattoos from auditions in New Orleans. Live Hatfield and Preston Duffee they sing “Eme Lutum,” which adds a little more precision to Luke’s song. It’s all a bit too laid back, and I really don’t understand how to put it together. I thought it was quite lackluster. The judges will promote Preston, but Jon Wayne is cut from the competition. The next of kin were both heard of by their fathers; lam tongii and Oliver Steele. Before finishing, he breaks the guitar, which makes him emotional because it’s the one his father bought him when he was a kid. He pulls himself together and sings the two: “Save your tears.” It’s a powerful rendition that gets a standing ovation. Both now and Oliver go to the next round.

9:25 a.mAdin Boyer He had a major meltdown while searching for a duet partner and had to take a break. He is happy to share this moment as the darker side of his weakness. As everyone else appeared, Adin was left alone, so the producer explained that one group should become a trio. Jayna Elise and Enjoy the summer We are happy to welcome him and the trio is already singing “I’m still standing”. The judges were amazed at how they all fit together and seemed to enjoy the harmony the most. Lionel tells Jayna and Adin that they need more calling from them, but all three will move on.

9:40 a.mWe ani and pjae have teamed up in Mass of “Hit ‘Em Style (Oops!).” It’s like being transported to a cabaret when they perform this number with different vocal inflections. They push the tempo a little too hard, but they definitely compose well and have good vocals. Katy says, “We’ve never had more fun watching a duet” and “We have to pay money to see it”. There are no questions here, We and PJae are going to the next round.

9:50 a.m – The last Platinum Ticket holder to choose was Cam. I chose Ja lot of amazing artists. We didn’t see the hearing, but we learned that they had a hard life and were homeless, and Cam could relate to their struggles. Alas, j* tis also departed, Cam, despondent, departed from his people to sing. The next morning, before the duets were done, J came back and asked Cam to take them back. They were very well trained, but they were very unprepared. They sing “Listen to the Music” together and Cam looks like he’s going to fight a panic attack. It was a bit of a mess, but both got through and sounded pretty good. Katy calls J the leader, even though he’s all quiet and left Cam all night before drying off. He is aiming for the next round. He then tells Cam that he struggled, but J shows how compassionate he will be.

10:00 p.m – It will be the last Mass of the night Kaya Stewart and Fire. They don’t even hear themselves singing, but beggars can’t be choosers at this point. He sang “Whataya Need From Me” and their conversations began. Overnight, Kaya came down with a bug and woke up feeling sick. They were meditating during the day and Kaya struggled to learn the lyrics. The fire is devastating and his future in the fight is uncertain if Kaya retires. When they take the stage, Kaya reveals that she doesn’t feel or act well, but thanks the judges for the experience. As he leaves in tears, Fire starts to cry, saying that the judges are really stressful and that he should just learn to sing another order by himself. Katy looks out into the crowd and asks, “Who wants to sing ‘Whataya You Need from Me?’ with the fire?” Until Jayna Elise runs in for the second time tonight! Katy breaks down in tears during the performance. Later he says, “I love you. You grow little by little. You can’t control a lot, but you can control yourself and you can control the future. And Katy takes some control of herself and moves Fire to the next round. That concludes the round of duets. Next week there are two days of shows shows and the Top 24 will be shown.

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