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American Idol 2013 Recap Hollywood Duet Challenge Performance and Performance

American Idol 2023 Recap Hollywood Duet Challenge Performance and Performance – Season 21 Hollywood Round featuring judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan together with the host Ryan Seacrest the concluding Top 55 will be revealed.

The remaining contestants choose their duet partners, plan and perform in front of the judges for a chance to advance to the Showstopper round.

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Four platinum tickets are sent for first dibs. Elias McCormick it reads great Lucy Love.

Elias McCormick and Lucy Love – Dunamis Duo – My girl through trials

For Dunamis in Greek translates the virtue of Lucy. It’s not a flattering trigger. But the contestants probably don’t have a wide range of songs to choose from. About the riff a little before even singing the lyrics. The two arias sometimes surpass each other, and there is a dissonance in the harmony which they sound in pitch. They seem so excited. The two have chemistry. The crowd is on their feet. “Way to scare everyone,” said Katy. “I’m so grateful to have you on the show. The judge then chats, both singers proceed

Elijah and Lucy

CARINA DEANGELO and NUTSA – The Jet Setters – I’m Into You

They were friends at the auditions in Las Vegas. But Carina is upset that Nutsa went to bed without reading properly. Oh no. “Hollywood week is fun!” Carina says. Nutsa insists that she doesn’t need a review, and seems sorry to have a nervous partner. Carina feels that Nutsa’s song is ready to match only the voice. Catherine McPhee’s Adrianna is their sister. The two go to bed at midnight. Carina thinks the performance sounds like “s***”.

Even later, with Ryan Seacrest, the two intrigued each other in a passive-aggressive way. Dis- pose before the judges. Hello boy Nutsa is better than Carina, who seems less professional and experienced. Nutsa didn’t just win a bunch of competition, I think that’s great. Lionel could feel the tension. “The power between you is broken,” said Katy, “I think you are better than the result.” Carina was removed, Nutsa progressed despite subpar performance. Katy Nutsa reminded “don’t forget to be grateful.” oof In other words? Don’t be B.

Carina is removed, Nutsa advances

Elise Kristine and Matt Wilson – Chocolate Vanilla Swirl – You Are the Reason by Callus Scott

Matt asked Elise to audition for him! Matt competed on the Platinum Ticket for the AMAs. A worthy yult winner. It is a beautiful duet. Their harmonies are very sweet and beautiful. Both have beautiful voices. Elise can also belt her head. Some notes are high, but overall very good. Matt is one of Luke’s favorites. Mark flatters his faith. Both go on to the next round

Elise and Matt in advance

Anna Nicolaisen and Warren Peay – Blue Bonnet – Tim McGraw and Faith Hill is your love

These two partners cannot stay on the pitch. It is probably fatigue and review. This duet is a bit of a mess, but the two who just got together make a good combination. They have real chemistry, but also really authentic voices. Luke saw the review, “There was a lot of magic there…It was done by yours truly”. And Luke was out in the room watching them rehearse. Unsurprisingly, they both advance

Hannah and Warren

Isaac Brown and Zachariah Smith – Body Roll Boys – I’m Still Standing by Elton John

The two are like wild and crazy guys. Yes, of course they sympathize. The two find the process more difficult than expected. They cannot remember the words, no matter how they recite them. The coach’s voice tells them to put their phones away. Zach was so upset he broke down in tears. Zach puts out his phone, and Katy stops the song. Did he think the judges were going to make him run away?

“You gotta make a call?” Katy says sarcastically. Yes…words do. WHAT A PUMP BUSINESS. So key off Isaac. This is your classic Hollywood trainwreck. Both must be removed separately. But the judges from their seats inciting them and seeming to enjoy the madness. The judges put on their “Games” and past performances.

Isaac and Zacharias are through

Kaylin stalls and Tyson Venegas Shenanigans – don’t tell me now from the queen

These two Platinum Ticket holders chose each other as duet partners. The song starts off like a bluesy burner. The harmonies are brilliant. But when the uptempo song is thrown in, it goes off the rails a bit. Again with pitch problems! But the song ends on a high note. The whole body is cold, Luke. Both Platinum Tickets are through to the next round.

Kaylin and Tyson are on to the next round

Jon Wayne Hatfield and Preston DuffeeCamo Cousins ​​- Buy Clay Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan

The two became friends during the New Orleans auditions. Got matching tattoos. Both are heard with the originals. Jon Wayne is a singer who wrote a song for his gay grandfather. REMEMBER THE WORDS. They sing, but look at each other, unsure. They don’t seem ready. And of course there are pitches. True power is low as long as they try to remember the song. Lucas was not horrified at the sight. Jon Wayne is sent home while Preston runs through. Idols love tearing up friends! It’s like a trigger. Luke says: The talent of the peasant is the abundance of slaughter.

Jon Wayne is eliminated, Preston is promoted to the next round

Oliver Steele and Iam Tongi – Kindred Spirit – Save Your Tears for the Weeknd

Oliver’s father had a stroke when he just passed away. vtero I’m not sure about the harmony of the song. He needs work from Oliver. Then, before they had finished, his father broke his guitar for him. Now nothing is trusted. The judges ask him about the guitar, and he bursts into tears. He had promised his father that he would do all the work. The guitar judges are promising and it will definitely be. It’s a great song choice, creatively arranged. These duets are not perfect. But the vibe here is easy and gentle. He now admits that he had clear songs on the guitar. It’s buttery, the judges describe their vocals. They don’t even deliberate. Oliver and I Mur.

Oliver and Iam are through to the next round

Jayna Elise, Adin Boyer, Summer Joy – The Trio – Standing Still by Elton John

Aidin Boyer, who is autistic, felt overwhelmed by having to choose a duet partner. It begins with a hiccup. He is too present. He walked and took a break. In the end, he is alone without a partner. Born of a trio.

Adin plays electric keys for the trio. He is a talented musician, a better singer. I noticed during the rehearsal that the harmonies were gone, and there was still a lot of pitch. The ladies are in themselves talented and soulful singers. Also a creative arrangement. I bet Adin came with it. Katy understands their “team vibe.” Through all three

Jayna, Adin and Summer advance to the next round

We Ani and Pjae – Cryptico – Hit Em Style

The two do not only deliver great vocals, inventive presentation, but also performance, operatic theater. Judges believe, seek. It’s a dirty and jazzy arrangement. It is a lot to arrange in a short time, and they are attached. Insane it is a revelation to us. That’s all. “We’ve never had so much fun watching a duet,” says Katy. “They complement each other so well. Katy is also shocked that they were able to make it so quickly. The singers are both through to the next round.

We and Pjae advance to the next round

Cam Amen and J Valerione – Listen to music from the Doobie Brothers

Cam is the last Platinum Ticket holder to choose a partner, he chooses J who seems great and is pleased. I am so honored, he said, but I am also afraid. In Los Angeles, it’s mostly bedding. Cam was younger than his siblings when he turned 18.

j^ texted Cam telling him he withdrew from the competition. He leaves. But then he returns in the morning. Cam was quite moved. He planned his time. They only have a short time. It is a wreck from the moment it begins. Neither are ready. It turns into a bunch of riffing and made up words. Katy calls J a leader, and Cam compassionate. When they make it through both, the cam is no longer angry.

cam and j close together.

Jayne Elise and Fire (Kayla Stewart cut out) – Whataya Need from Me by Adam Lambert

The two met 30 seconds before they became two. Kaya’s father is Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics, while Ignis is an exotic fire dancer trying to make life better for his daughter. Unfortunately, Kaya fell ill overnight and the two were unable to perform. Kaya feels terrible that she cannot give 100 percent. The two take the stage. Kaya announces that she won’t do it. Basically, it dies. She walks off the scene in tears. He also cries out for fire.

She asks Katy to sing with her. Jayne Elise takes the stage with her. The fire begins to sing, but in reality it is suppressed and is not present in effect. He cries and can hardly stop. Now Katy is crying too much. “You’re growing up little by little,” said Katy, thanking her for fighting the fire. Fire through the circle to the next.

Kayla is out, Fire is on to the next round

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