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In this nation of 333 islands — where Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky recently spent the holidays — you can’t go anywhere without hearing “Bula!” which means life and is sincere, the enthusiastic greeting which “hi” seems almost rude.

In May, Jaclyn Senensis India, CEO of ultra-luxury travel concierge Charles of Sienaexplored Fiji for a major actor client in Navotua, a village where she (and later the actor and his family) stayed to experience kava ceremonies and customary welcoming rites that observed respect and reverence for guests. The client “really wanted to understand the culture,” says Sensen of India. “When these tribes dwelt for four days in huts on the shore, clothed with wings of grass and walking with bare feet.”

The warm hospitality, says Senna India, was fake. The ships went to the islands, where scarcely a soul went and caught a stick of fish and cooked them on the shore. About $75 a night at home, he says, “it wasn’t luxury, but you couldn’t pay more for a remote, incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Exactly what they were looking for in terms of immersion.

Wakaya Club & Spa

Later, his client flew by helicopter to a private island Wakaya Club & Spawhere they rented the entire island ($2,500 to $1,000 per night, and $330,750 per week).

In the legendary Wakaya, where Keith Richards famously fell from the coconut tree in 2006 and Celine Dion, Jim Carrey, Michelle Pfeiffer and Bill Gates are published in addition to the guests – there are two organic farms and a team that will make 95 percent of the indigenous Fijians cooking on the island for the table, plus the guest experience of foraging or hunting and cooking in a traditional lovo miller stone fire

Wakaya Club & Spa, Fiji

Wakaya Club & Spa

Additionally, the resort’s 10 team cabins and private residences feature a nine-hole golf course, Hobie Cat sailing, snorkeling excursions and tennis pro.

Turtle Island

Frame Al Gore-frequented Eco meet Turtle Island (from $2,800 a night with a five-night minimum) — where Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson took their first honeymoons — took the pandemic as an opportunity to regenerate the 500-acre private island into a self-sustaining and growing ecosystem. their food, all strive to benefit the environment and local Fijian heritage. Dinners are shared and served by a different member each night, and there is also a nightly kava ceremony for further bonding with longtime staff. They quickly learn (or remember, with a 55 percent guest return rate) each guest’s name, treat them like family and even invite them home to local village life.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

“When I’m in Fiji I dive every day with my team in a beautiful, vast, healthy ocean, rich in coral reefs with a diversity of species, which is synonymous with stability,” says the filmmaker and ocean explorer Jean Michel Cousteauwho has been visiting Fiji for 32-plus years. “Fijians are happy and healthy, and when I’m in Fiji I am too,” he says THR. “Fiji is where I will recharge my batteries… I will spend time and enjoy the simplicity of being in nature.”

Cousteau Resort - Villa President - Savusavu, Fiji

In the presidential villa of Jean-Michel Cousteau, Savusavu, Fiji


The environmentally responsible all inclusive Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort (from $925 a night), which opened in 1995 in Vanua Levu, is now owned by Equity Canyon. “Fijians are great defenders of their land and embrace their cultural heritage,” Cousteau says, “a country of great hope for me.” Joss Stone had a concert there with the Fijian community during his 2019 World Tour.

Vomo Island Fiji

Late in 2021; rebel Wilson Time in the islands filming the Fiji tourism campaign, “Open to Happiness” a week in Vomo Island Fiji (from $1,048 a night). “I love Fiji more than the landscape, especially for its people. Everyone greets you with a smile and a ‘bubble’, the warmth and hospitality of everyone I meet is something I will always remember,” Wilson said in a press conference.

Vomo, an inclusive 225-acre island, has just demolished a culturally-designated beachfront residence, Reef House, sleeping 10. For ultimate privacy guests can reserve their sister island Vomo Lailai, for a signature desert island picnic under the waves, sunbathing and swimming, with a radio There are two ways to call a ship. Starting in November 2023, the four-night-minimum private island is available for purchase of its 55 rooms plus a second island for $95,000 per night.

Like Laucala Fiji

In the fall of 2022; Like Laucala Fiji (from $5,600 a night) — where Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel hosted their parties and Ludacris celebrated his birthday by swimming in a transparent pool after being greeted by a singing staff — digs under the Como Flag, which represents the signature Como Shambhala Retreat wellness center. Treatments incorporate the island’s river stones, mineral crystals and even molar soil, plus herbs, flowers, and produce from the island’s extensive 240-acre farm, which also raises Wagyu cattle.

Como Laucala Fiji Resort - Beachfront - Jungle

They meet like Laucala Fiji.

Truy Ratcliffe

At a resort where past patrons reportedly include Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney, each accommodation – designed around its own private beach, jungle, hill or lagoon setting with free pools and gargantuan bathrooms – comes with a private bathroom. tauFijian for a waiter friend.

Nanuku Resort Fiji

Nanuku Resort Fiji another five-star port favored by super-private producers and high-profile actors, who are traditionally hailed as “the most popular”. lali fi landing at a private airstrip or helipad. Although on the Fiji island of Viti Levu, Nanuku claims nearly two miles of beach, a private six-bedroom, six-pool house where most VIPs stay ($13,260 a night inclusive), and a private island beach for special nights or day trips. In addition to the truly adventurous kids’ Lailai Adventure Club, where outings include swimming in waterfalls, there are new astro-tourism offerings that teach about Fijian navigation through the stars, and full moon trunks.

Kokomo Secret Island

Kokomo Private Island - Villa - Fiji

A private villa at Kokomo Island, Fiji

Jack Johns

all inclusive Kokomo Secret Island, on the Great Astrolabe Reef, which offers epic scuba diving, has the largest private residences in Fiji, and comes with butler and maid service (from $6,900 a night). The resort has new chef classes at the organic farm and a sommelier tasting of the rich wine collection.

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