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In the past twenty years, people have become quite aware of social media. We usually see Coke with the label upside down. We also know that Apple only uses the good guys for their products (often fake dead people in movies).

But now we have a full movie phenomenon. like movies air and Tetris At last they arrived, with a clear direction to tend to the energy. These films are about the birth of a product or our favorite contemporary character and their path to discovery. However, these discoveries are never earthly. They do not share the genetic code and are far from the second Marie Curie. So why does Hollywood make them, and what do they say about our consumer culture?

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It’s been Hollywood for years delivery movies that use product placement. In fact, one of the earliest known examples was a film called Buster Keaton Garage which came out in 1920. Even then, the Firestone Tires sign was front and center, along with promotional items for Red Crown Gasoline. There is nothing new.

Since then, the entertainment industry has realized that there is real money to be made in allowing their advertisements to appear in movies. People will say they use the products, why aren’t they there? But the ridiculous becomes brilliant.

It is a perfect example Thomas Crown Rei (1999). The film is noted for being a neat, mouse and trigger heist. However, it is also known for the scene depicting Renee Russo buying a Pepsi One, cracking it open, and taking a deep sip with the label upside down. After drinking deeply, he sighs and looks at the can as if to say that it is the most refreshing part of his day. This is despite the fact that she did a movie talking about how she drinks green concoctions, which are so healthy to the point that other brands have called her out of it.

More Nostalgic Product Matches Box Office (Hopefully)

Original Jordans

We’re seeing quite a bit of cash in millennials and Gen X products. That’s where I like films Tetris and air they begin to show their chests. For people who use a non-subtle investment product, they look nothing more than new Super Mario Bros marketed as a fun-filled romp cartoon.

However, when we all look at what it really is, we will see an entire financial target that is not only the kids playing their Nintendo switches today, but the parents of those who remember blowing up the old Mario Nintendo cartridges. He even got Black Jack to play Bowser as he is the bridge between ” High fidelity and Kung Fu Panda crowds Universal has already created its own theme park, Super Mario Bros, and Lego makes toys. Be sure to pick up your favorite snacks and throw them back. Nerds will collect Funko toys, and their kids will play retro Mario Kart until the inevitable sequel.

They are not timid.

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and when Tetris and airwe are now witnessing the next phase of this process. a dramatization of past trends with the hottest actors in Hollywood. These people can see a big payday and a strange foggy movie environment where they play cartoon versions of real people to make their stories seem worthy. It does not matter if the person himself has had very few personal conflicts. Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt to play him with a life-altering physical problem, bringing gravity to a man who really just went to work every day with a good idea.

But we all know and remember how the tables made us feel and how cool the products were to have. We remember Christmas morning when our parents got us a pair Jordan We lusted after our computer game Tetris. A naughty day. Students see that and think, why show a man drinking Coke when we can make a movie? It is possible that the secret formula was devised by two CIA agents in Venezuela who fought their way through hell, and the only thing saved was a concoction of what they found in the forest and whatever they had in their backpacks. Forgetting that the real story was a naughty soda with time to kill. Stories of innovation are not always as interesting, and when there are none, Hollywood wants to make sure that we are sensationalized.

Air and Tetris: Selling a Story

Air 2023 movie with Ben Affleck
Amazon studies

air The story of how the Air Jordan sneaker line was invented and perfected revolves around a rookie basketball player named Michael Jordan. Tetris is about Henk Rogers, an American who discovers Alexey Pajitnov and brings his game to the United States. But are there fearless stories that deserve a movie?

The truth is that they are interesting, but they inevitably prey on the hives of the mind. These people will dig up the truth, and inevitably the images will start appearing on YouTube with titles like “Tetris: Fact a Fiction.”

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The public tells a good story. Members of the public know this. However, the hero’s journey is not a cakewalk that can be forced into every story. But Hollywood will try. Everyone can fall for it, but much like other stories, we will inevitably know that these movies existed and disappeared from theaters and appeared on Prime Video in a more spectacular fashion than Michael Jordan dunking. The products will be given new life, Hollywood will be completely underwritten, and we will forget that the drama we are fed is an updated version of the same old money grab.

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