A special plan for mounting evidence of how Trump handled the records is indicated at Mar-a-Lago-jos


Special prosecutors have received documents including daily notes, texts, e-mails and photographs and catalogs of how Donald Trump handled the records indicated around the Mar-a-Lago meeting and those who witnessed the former president with them, according to multiple sources. with a note of inquiry.

The new details come among signs the Justice Department is tracking its own investigation near the end.

The recent investigative action before a federal grand jury in Washington, DC, also included subpoenaing witnesses in March and April who had previously spoken to investigators, the sources said. While the FBI interviewed many aides and employees at Mar-a-Lago nearly a year ago, most of the interviews were transcribed and under oath — the prosecutors’ testimony was sealed in evidence.

Another source familiar with the matter told CNN that Secret Service agents guarding the former president were called to testify. The number of agents remains unclear. foxes he reported for the first time in the process.

The jupiter of both the meeting of the monuments and the obstruction of justice remains in the actions of the former president, whose sources are said to be multiple family members. Following Trump’s testimony, prosecutors intend to reveal the records after he left the White House, more knowing that the records remained in his possession after the Justice Department demanded their return last May.

Witnesses are being questioned about what they saw in Trump’s private residential and working areas on the block, some of the sources said.

Investigators also collected texts and notes from Michael Trump using Molly, which detailed what Trump was doing and who he was meeting on a daily basis.

The new evidence set by a team working for special counsel Jack Smith is separate from those obtained by a recent grand jury following Trump’s defense attorney, Evan Corcoran, a source told CNN. Corcoran spoke with the former president on the day the Trump Organization received a subpoena for the Mar-a-Lago surveillance records and other key matters last year, and the DOJ believes Trump used a lawyer to promote the crime.

Steven Cheung, Trump’s spokesman, accused the Department of Justice of “prosecutorial misconduct” and called on the investigation of the children to respond to recent developments in the search for documents.

A spokesman for the special counsel office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The grand jury action — expected to continue at a high clip in the coming weeks — builds on several well-known reactions from Trump and others around him, who tried to protest the DOJ’s disclosure last year of records that the FBI urged the jury to obtain. to seek approval from Mar-a-Lago in August for listing records.

The DOJ used some evidence to convince a judge to keep that investigation under seal.

An unprecedented search of the former president’s residence recovered more than 100 documents marked as classified.

The grand jury action also appears to be in line with more than two dozen subpoenas sent to agents and staff at Mar-a-Lago that underscored investigators’ continued concern over what they saw or heard around the estate.

The FBI’s investigation came months after the DOJ subpoenaed all the documents and detailed the evidence, including reviewing records of the footage that Trump refused to turn over everything he had. One aide told investigators Trump moved the boxes from a residential storage room to a residential area at the club following a DOJ subpoena for all classified records, CNN previously reported.

Since then, the Department of Justice has pushed for answers about how the box with the records was classified in Trump’s office after the FBI sought it. Trump lawyers found the material released with classified markings late last year, as it contained an empty folder marked as a classified summary. One of Trump’s defense attorneys said the ex-president’s folder to turn off the light in his bedroom kept him awake at night.

This story has been updated with additional information.

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