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Is there a secret meaning to the pine tree, and what about the flamingos in the field? Here’s what you need to know and whether it’s really true…

Social media recently revealed the “true meaning” of pineapples and phoenixes used to decorate a campsite or RV. There is a secret… and sultry… message behind the colors of the fruit and the bird.

Or so they say. But are there ever only pineapples, and only flamingos?

It is certainly a complicated theme to pop up in our times RV Lifestyle Facebook groupand it is answered, how the tropics are shown, and by whom. We will explain what they mean, and what a camper is for you.

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What Do Pineapples Mean?

First, we think it is important to start with the traditional meaning of pineapples. Pineapples have had cultural significance for several hundred years. So let’s never brush off the centuries of history to the corner of his modern use of the symbol.

In pine forests, it represents prosperity, hospitality, and friendship. Its influence on European culture (so finally American culture) began to return in 1493.

It seems that Christopher Columbus discovered more than America…he is said to have discovered pineapple in the Caribbean desert.

Intrigued by the unusual fruit, he returned with a few to Spain, and presented them to King Ferdinand. The novelty of the product was a huge hit and essentially “viral” in those Renaissance times.


As you might imagine, pineapples have been hardy since the 1500s and even hundreds of years later. And, as Economics 101 taught us, this means they were pineapples expensive. A single pineapple could cost $8,000 in today’s dollars.

So the pineapple became a symbol of money and power in Europe, since only people in those positions could get one.

They usually feature as the centerpieces of large events, with towers of other desirable fruits like apples and oranges.

The feeling carried over into architecture and design, too, with subtle homes decorated with things like pine wall panels and even architecture like pineapple fountains.


meaning of pineapple

The nobles and upper classes of the time also used pine feathers as a sign of hospitality at banquets and parties. Finally, they shared this very rare fruit with their guests so that they could compare it to themselves.

They would often sell expensive products, or turn them into chef specialties, such as deserts or ice cream. However, not all could afford such liberality, as some armies I hired a pineapple to pay for the matter and after.

As pineapples became more available and the classes came down, this meaning of entertainment remained.


The representation of the pineapple hospitality has evolved into a symbol of friendship and has also been used in politics as a gesture of partnership. The message “we are friends” and today affirms that meaning.

Now the question is… Is the message of friendship and hospitality being developed to a new level in camps in the world?

A SECRET CODE?  Is there a secret meaning to the pineapple and what about the flamingos in the campsites?  2
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What Does a Pineapple Mean on a Camper?

A fact in the camper in power means a “different” type of entertainment, using oscillations to stimulate other oscillators to a sexual lifestyle. But as in most casesA pineapple is just a pine tree that has the same meaning as it has for centuries.

As we have learned from a brief history, who in the camper means friendship and hospitality. But as many RVers defend, “I like pineapples.”

So, never jump to the conclusion that pineapple is a beacon for sexual attention. Chances are, it’s just a pineapple.

And, if you “like pineapples”, you don’t want to remove them from your decor because of a possible hidden meaning. Just don’t show them down…

What Does an Upside-down Pineapple Mean at a Campsite?

Pineapple upside downon the other hand, it is likely a “secret message” from the swinger. Often the message is that couples in a campsite “in an open relationship” mean that they are open to exchanging or coupling sexual partners.

This is the most recognized and effective way to convey a “secret message” as it is unusual for a pineapple to be upside down. That unusual display helps keep the message clear and separate from them a hundred years the riddle of the innocent.

What Do Flamingos Mean at a Campsite?

A SECRET CODE?  Is there a secret meaning to the pineapple and what about the flamingos in the campsites?  3

Flamingos are said to represent the same thing as an upside-down pineapple, a swinger’s symbol for displaying sexual openness. It probably comes from the phoenix’s “fun and playful” color and design. But this is not usual.

Flamingos would be a much more confusing symbol since many campers simply love to decorate their campsite with kitschy birds. And we doubt that the phoenixes will be chased upside down. The neighbors who think the kids are messing with your flamingos will soon be reformed into a friendly camp.

That’s right, flamingos it should not be who are swingers currently staying at that campsite. However, chances are, the campers are just like brightly colored birds.

Don’t jump to conclusions!

So, unless you see the pine upside down, we recommend not jumping to any conclusions. If your neighbor sets up camp and decorates his place with pineapples and flamingos, it’s probably like tropical decor.

And if you are one of those who “like flamingos and pine trees”, just be prepared for some possibly awkward conversations from people who have only taken excerpts from social media. A simple “we like them” should be enough to turn them off. Chances are, the people who share that life are what they’re really looking for and won’t bother you.

Looking to Make Friends While Camping?

If we are looking for ways to make innocent friendships at camp, we have help that can help. We offer tips and advice that will show off your personality even more clearly than a pineapple…

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A SECRET CODE?  Is there a secret meaning to the pineapple and what about the flamingos in the campsites?  4

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