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74 percent in new poll support more funding for border security – The Hill

Seventy-four percent of voters across party affiliations back sending more funding to increase security at the southern border, while support for foreign countries remains divided along party lines, a new poll found.

The NBC News poll, released Tuesday, found that nearly 3 in 4 voters support funding for security at the border, compared to 22 percent who oppose it.

Meanwhile, fifty-eight percent of respondents said they support more funding and humanitarian aid for Gaza, while 55 percent said they support more funding and military aid for Israel. Fifty-five percent said they support providing more military aid to Ukraine and 53 percent said they back giving more money to Taiwan’s military.

The poll comes as lawmakers face a battle over military aid to Israel and Ukraine amid their ongoing wars.

In early November, House Republicans approved a $14.3 billion aid package for Israel. The package was Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) first big legislative effort in his new role. His decision to isolate the Israel funding, excluding aid for Ukraine from the bill, was an olive branch to conservatives who had previously voiced concerns about U.S. funding for foreign affairs.

But the cuts in IRS funding included in the package made it a non-starter with Democrats in the Senate. And while Johnson has said House consideration of Ukraine aid “will come next” and said he wants to pair it with funding for the southern border, funding for Ukraine has become increasingly unpopular within the House GOP conference, making the future of such efforts uncertain.

The survey found that Democrats are more likely to support humanitarian aid to Gaza than independent and Republican respondents.

Most respondents across age groups support such aid, with younger voters being more likely to back it. When it comes to funding and military aid for Israel, meanwhile, a majority of older voters voiced support, while younger voters were less likely to do so, according to NBC News.

The survey found bipartisan support for funding U.S. border security across party lines and age groups.

The NBC News poll was conducted Nov. 10-14 among 1,000 registered voters and has a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.

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