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In the same way, green is more than color, water is more than help. The bathroom is gradually changing from a purely functional space to a place to express personality, desires, preferences as a distinctly private space in the light of environmental heating, water shortages and the removal of natural resources.

Going green, the comfort of the bath, the shower, and the house does not require giving up. A greener, more conscious environment results in cosiness, serenity, and less elegance.

The advantages of an environmentally friendly, water-saving spa are many. Raise your own impact and lower your utility costs. Even modest adjustments to our daily routines can be beneficial. Learn how to conserve water using today’s technology and some strategies to avoid this precious resource.

Gaurav Malhotra, managing director of Hansgrohe India, outlines a few points for designing and building more efficient, intelligent, and elegant bathrooms;

Installing modern shower products reduces water and energy costs and saves valuable resources. Indoor showers make all the difference: EcoSmart technology automatically limits water flow to approximately 6 to 9 liters per minute. While this means that less water needs to be heated, EcoSmart also helps you save energy. And since you use less fresh water, you pay even fewer garbage fees. The most environmentally friendly shower available in Hansgrohe is the Crometta 85 green hand shower. This barely consumes 6 liters of water per minute (at 3 bars). As it happens, the EcoSmart shower with multiple jet types will indulge you well, albeit at a lower flow rate.

Modern operating technology

Adapting the latest technologies, water is turned off at the touch of a dagger – with Selecta. The appropriate sound of Selecta allows you to determine for yourself exactly when the water in your bathroom and kitchen should be turned on. In a new investment, the product is used more frequently, as it pays for itself very quickly. And I certainly thank you for your hard work. This encourages you to conserve water on a daily basis – and makes the product fun to use at the touch of a button. They make your bathroom sink, and your pumps look exquisitely ultra-modern.

A flushed toilet can be the biggest water drain in your home! Recent advances in technology and design have allowed pumps to use 1.28 cubic meters of redline or less while still providing equal or superior performance. If you have a full flush toilet, it’s time to replace it with one that works more efficiently. Energy-efficient toilets use water velocity to remove waste instead of water volume. They can reduce toilet water use by 20 to 60 percent, or about 13,000 gallons saved per year. An average family could save up to Rs 10,000 a year on water bills.

Notice the energy efficiency

When making a new purchase, they note its energy efficiency and water consumption. The same applies to taps such as tap heads, washing machines, or dishwashers: Old models consume significantly more water than new ones and need to be taken to a recycling center. What tools besides great water power and energy? Make sure you choose environmentally friendly models in classes A to A plus more.

Speaking of efficiency: I never run the washing machine and there is a medium vacuum. Only use the machine when it is fully charged. More often than not, a pre-rinse or wash program is not necessary. For lightly soiled washing dishes, many machines have an environment-friendly short-run wash cycle.

Check for regular drops and freebies

Test your toilets for leaks at least once a year — It can result in avoidable water waste. But sometimes free football is not as clear! A drop in water pressure is a sign of an additional leak. You will often notice this drop when you take a shower or fill the bath. A great way to check it is by putting food coloring in your toilet tank. If it is thrown into the bowl without redness, then there is a lot of rain that needs fixing. One drop per second adds up to five gallons per day!

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