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Fifty years ago this week, the first cell phone was made on a sidewalk in New York City with a side-mounted device. Each decade since that day, in 1973, has seen the evolution of the once-important telephone into a thinner, faster and more precise device that continues to shape industries, cultures and the way we communicate with each other – and remember ourselves. But what else do you need to know in order to speed up and get up on the day with you?

Here’s what else you need to know Get up with speed and day with your day.

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Donald Trump, the first president in history to face criminal charges, will be indicted today after being indicted by a Manhattan grand jury last week. The expected voluntary surrender of the former president and 2024 White House candidate will be a unique task as the nation waits to see how he will unfold the unprecedented moment. Coming to the market in the afternoon, Trump will be booked by the spies, who will arrest his fingers. Usually a bald lead is taken, but it is uncertain if this will be done. Trump doesn’t expect a hangover when he is surrounded by armed federal agents for his protection. Then he shall be brought to the forum, where he shall be pronounced guilty, and shall be solemnly subjected to the charges. After being impeached, sources say Trump will immediately head back to Mar-a-Lago, where he will be speaking publicly at the event this evening.

The national average for a gallon of regular gas in the US now stands at $3.51. according to AAA*. However, some analysts predict that the price will increase relatively quickly to around $3.80 or $3.90 after OPEC and its allies recently announced a surprise move to tighten oil production. OPEC+, which collectively supplies a large portion of the world’s crude oil, announced on Sunday that it would cut production by more than 1.6 million barrels starting in May. “I think OPEC is going to raise monster inflation,” said Tom Kloza, global head of industry analysis for OPIS, which tracks gas prices for AAA. Although Americans may first notice an uptick in gas consumption, prices may remain significantly below 2022 census levels, when gas costs $5 a gallon.

A Chinese spy balloon that was launched over the US earlier this year was able to capture images and collect some intelligence signals from US military sites, a source tells Rhode. The balloon was able to transmit data to Beijing in real time, the source said, and the U.S. government still doesn’t know for sure whether the Chinese government was able to wipe the balloon data as it was received. Which raises questions about whether the intelligence balloon could pick up what the US still doesn’t know. However, the intelligence community is not overly concerned about the data the balloon could collect, the person said. The FBI is still investigating the balloon, but so far officials have been able to gather information about how the device worked, including the algorithms used to program the balloon and how it was powered and designed.

-Source: CNN
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A suspected spy was able to send a balloon to Beijing

Finland joins NATO as its 31st member today, more than doubling the US-led military alliance’s borders with Russia. Finland’s accession comes days after Turkey’s parliament voted to confirm the country’s membership, clearing the final hurdle for it to join NATO and ending months of delays. The Nordic country’s acceptance into the alliance is a blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has long sought to undermine NATO and, before invading Ukraine, demanded that it refrain from further expansion. On Monday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said it would be historic when the alliance raised the Finnish flag for the first time at its headquarters today, adding “It will be a good day for Finland’s security, Nordic security, and for NATO as a whole.”

-Source: CNN
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Finland has placed NATO under the historical security policy

Australia has joined other Western countries in banning the use of TikTok from government devices as the Chinese video app-owners come under increasing pressure over claims it poses security concerns. The decision puts Australia in line with its allies in the US, Britain and Canada, which have already announced similar restrictions, while New Zealand’s parliament ordered it removed from all devices with access to parliament. Days ago, NATO staffers were also officially banned from downloading the app onto their devices. TikTok’s CEO Shou Chew has said the company’s move to the US is based on American soil, but Western governments remain skeptical. Half of Americans come to support the US government’s ban on TikTok, while 22% oppose the idea and more than a quarter are unsure, according to a Pew Research poll released last week.

Four statues of NASA’s historic Artemis II moon mission were picked up

Fit astronauts selected to pilot the first manned moon mission in 50 years!

March Madness: Connecticut wins NCAA men’s basketball championship

The University of Connecticut brought home its fifth national title Monday, defeating San Diego State in a youth game.

Elon Musk’s Twitter notification of a Shiba Inu bird

Twitter’s traditional bird icon is replaced (temporarily?) with a Shiba Inu dog. Here is why.

Ben Affleck reveals major character spoiler for DC’s ‘The Flash’

Oops… While interviewed on the podcast, Affleck revealed that this beloved character has a cameo in the upcoming film. *predated the robbers*

See the deepest fish ever caught on camera

Scientists captured a video of this interesting species at an altitude of more than 27,000 feet.

45 million

That’s how many people from Texas to Wisconsin are at risk from the storm today as another strong storm threatens to wreak havoc across the region. Forecasts are for the storm system to move through some of the same areas in the Midwest and South, where at least 50 deadly tornadoes could touch down over the weekend.

“I don’t think about what is happening in St. Petersburg or Moscow… I think about our country. and our cities.

– Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyin Russia the explosion of Sunday St. Petersburg, which killed one of the country’s leading military journalists and wounded 32 others. The hearing is scheduled today because of the anti-war activist who was arrested in connection with the blast.

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