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A bill allowing people to carry concealed weapons in public without a license and without training has been signed into law by Gov. Ronald DeSantis

Legislation is moving quickly through the approval process, completing almost all of its legislative stops before the legislative session has even officially begun.

People on both sides of the gun debate have taken up the law. But legislative leaders hailed it as a second amendment victory.

The law will begin to be valid.

What does it say about training?

Under Florida’s current concealed carry application process, people must demonstrate “competence.” completing the firearms training course, including firing the firearms in front of the instructor. Live fire was added in 2016.

But under the new law, Floridians do not have to undergo any training to a secret weapon

Bill sponsors Rep. Chuck Brannan, R-Macclenny and Sen. Rep. Jay Collins, R-Tampa, said he believes training is important, but that it is a personal responsibility.

Democrats offered unsuccessful amendments to add in some form of training requirement.

Supporters of the bill, including Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, said the current training courses are not enough anyway.

The legislation would provide $1.5 million for the Department of Law Enforcement to provide grants to local law enforcement agencies to increase their gun training.

Does it allow open carry?

Not at all, to the annoyance of several pro-gun advocates who came to speak about the various suspensions of the bill.

When House Speaker Paul Renner first announced the legislation in January, he said he would not be able to openly carry guns in public. The case remained despite lobbying from gun rights groups.

Renner said he supports open carry, but there was some concern about it in the Republican caucus. Senate President Kathleen Passidomo said she would oppose the open gesture, saying the sheriffs had spoken to her to oppose her and trust her opinion.

Who can carry a gun?

Only people who meet the existing criteria for concealed carry can be allowed to carry a gun in public, according to the law. That includes the fact that he is a citizen, he overcomes, 21 not having the crime of disqualifying a felony and not having any felony domestic violence charges or convictions.

The bill does not change who can and cannot buy a firearm. Existing state and federal laws, including requirements relating to machine gun purchases, still apply. No permit or training is required to purchase a gun.

Opponents feared that people who use private-seller loopholes to avoid machine gun checks would be able to carry a concealed handgun in public without a vetting. But supporters of the laws said that people who would defend the law would do it anyway.

Will Florida remove the permit process?

No. People can still get concealed carry permits in Florida if they want, and they must go through the training and application process as one. A large number of the United States allows people in Florida to have a concealed carry license to use that license in their state.

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The permit costs $97 for a new applicant or $55 for an active Florida law enforcement officer. Tax costs may also be added.

What else is in the new law?

When the Senate introduced its version of the legislation, it included a package of provisions to improve school safety laws that were implemented in the wake of the deadly 2018 Parkland shooting. The House later included that package in a bill that passed.

The school guardian system expands the law in private schools. The custodial program allows school employees to carry concealed firearms academics

Gualtieri, who is drafting the Safe School Legislation Committee, said private school meals are even more relevant now that they are being targeted at Nashville Christian School. who killed three students and three teachers.

The bill also requires the Office of Safe Schools to implement standard threat assessment procedures, including procedures for making referrals to mental health service providers. It also requires that the threat assessment team include someone who has personal familiarity with the student being evaluated.

The legislation also creates Florida’s Safe Schools Canine Program, which allows dogs to participate in gun detection at schools.

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