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The online gaming industry is somewhat chaotic. New trends are always arriving, along with new technical developments and innovations. So it is not surprising that people want predictions and certain information that they look forward to in this industry every year. So, to help you gamers get a piece of mind, here are several great online gaming predictions for 2013.

Streaming and Cloud Games

The pervasive tech and various innovations in that field would easily change the way people play online games. Today, there are more and more games that have amazing cloud services that remove the need to remove anything from your computer. With cloud gaming, people can simply use the cloud server and install the game directly inside their devices without having to install the game. Plus, streaming services have made amazing live games possible, including various live online games. In such games, the dealer lives on the stream while people at home watch the game go live with the ability to interact with the dealer and other players.

This year, this technology is only growing and expanding. More and more cloud-based games are being developed, and more and more types of streaming services are being adopted.

NFTs and Cryptos Keep Bus Games

Even though we have seen some cryptos crash in 2022, cryptos and NFTs are not slowing down. These lights are slowly and surely getting into the game of the industry, and they don’t seem to be stopping. Now there are more and more games where you have to purchase NFTs to play and win some coins that you can exchange later. In addition, more and more games are open to vaults. For example, online casinos want to offer players to deposit and withdraw cryptos, and you can easily find something amazing. bitcoin casino there you go. What’s more, play-to-mine crypto games have been around for a while, and they’re expanding this year. Players put dozens of hours into these games to build their stock vault.

Mobile Gaming is Still on the Rise

Online casinos and play-to-earn games have certainly sparked a new boom in mobile gambling. As smartphones became more popular, more and more people relied on them for entertainment. Plus, there are dozens of different genres available, with hundreds of games to play every day. Also, developers are always working on developing new mobile games. What makes this jump in popularity even bigger is the availability of casino games and PTE games. Those pillows are either releasing their own apps or adapting browser games for mobile use.

Generative AI

It’s safe to say that AI is a huge trend this year. It keeps developing further. Since then, the game industry has started to rely more on AI to make games more interactive and unique. AI is used to create new characters, levels, and many other game experiences.

The rise of AI is expected to lead to more and more AI companies in the game industry. So, it is safe to say that AI will become a major trend in 2023.

New Free Game Service or Console

The current generation of solar panels has not really made a big difference from the previous ones. But maybe a new game streaming console or service will be announced soon. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are boycotting E3 2023 together, there is a chance that something big will come our way from at least one of these huge companies. If it’s a new cloud game streaming service, or even a console that will change how we play games today.

Every year brings something new to the gambling industry, and this one is no different. Here are many great predictions that will continue to come or arise. What is the next big thing?

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