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Kid-friendly travel, especially international travel, might seem scary and overwhelming at first, but it’s a lot of fun once you take the first step towards it. While you can travel to any country with your kids, there are some countries that offer the most kid-friendly attractions. Amenities such as kids clubs, kid friendly attractions, variety of food to eat, and walking trails are some of the things that make the country seem more attractive to some kids than others.

This summer vacation, surprise your kids with an international trip to these five countries, and see their happiness radiate!

With loads of fun activities and charming places to visit, Singapore is the best travel destination for kids. It is extremely safe, public transport such as cabs and buses is affordable, and there are many child-friendly attractions such as the Singapore Zoo, Sentosa Island, and the Changi Jurassic Mile.

Located in Finland, it is also known as the Land of Magical Natural Phenomena, or the Land of Santa Claus (yes, you heard us right). It literally looks like a land out of a fairy tale! Kids can meet the “real” Santa Claus, play in the snow-laden woods, and even feed a baby reindeer (baby Rudolph, perhaps?). It also offers plenty of options for parents to enjoy – watching the northern lights, the midnight sun and staying in an igloo among others.

One of the most popular tourist destinations, Bali is famous for its beaches, temples, and a variety of recreational offers. To have a relaxing vacation, choose a hotel with kids’ clubs and a wide range of food options. Take your kids to Bali Zoo, Waterbom Waterpark, and Ubud Monkey Forest, and soak in the flora and fauna.

Australia’s diverse states and natural landscapes have something for everyone – from young adventurers and teen beach seekers to culture-loving adults and foodies of all ages. Visit the Grampians if you want a taste of adventure, wander around Sydney and go to the National Dinosaur Museum, explore the Gold Coast, snorkelling at The Great Barrier Reef, and see seals and koala bears.

Choosing the right destination is key to having a fun time in Europe. You can go to Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Copenhagen, and Reykjavík and see the Lisbon Oceanarium, Blue Planet, and Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park among others.

Keep this checklist handy as you prepare for your international trip

Research, research, research: It is important to plan everything to avoid last-minute hiccups, including the weather of the country you want to visit, the political climate, attractions, adventure activities, entrance fees, transportation costs, accommodation, food, and safety laws. the institutions and talents of the natives.

Keep your travel documents in one place: These include passports, visas, international agent permits, travel documents, airline tickets, travel insurance, and medical prescriptions, if any.

Check-in with the Indian Embassy and register yourself: Being safe in a foreign land while being far from home is one of the most important things in your spotlight. As soon as you land, you are registered with the Indian Embassy to ensure your safety, especially in case of emergency.

Pack everything you need: These are the items that you need on a daily basis such as mobile chargers, USB chargers, electronic gadgets, power banks and first aid kits among others.

For an affordable mobile plan: Three telecom operators in India – Airtel, Trust Jio, and Vodafone Idea offer international roaming plans that will allow you to stay connected with everyone, avoiding a hefty mobile bill.

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