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With the 87th Masters fast approaching, the question everyone is asking is the same throughout the golf world: Who are you picking to win this year’s Augusta National? With a huge field of the best professionals and many top amateurs in the world, the first major of 2023 should be an epic ride from Thursday’s first round.

This year’s Masters feels like a wide-open field is stacked, but next year’s champion Scottie Scheffler enters as the most likely to win a second consecutive green jacket since Tiger Woods arrived at Augusta National, back-to-back in 2002. Unlike last year, when no Fingers crossed for the first major, 2023 three features: Scheffler (5-1), Rory McIlroy (7-1) and Jon Rahm (9-1), according to Caesars Sportsbook.

There are plenty of golfers behind them who will surely be in contention, including Jordan Spieth and Jason Day, both of whom are playing their best golf since 2016. And then there is the duo of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, the former making the cut last year. only to sit on the weekend, as his body failed him, and here he put the spikes in the ground in Augusta, after not playing in 2022.

Add it all up, and it will become clear that we are in for a wild eight masters full of unexpected twists and turns, but also many familiar names on the dashboard.

So what will happen at Augusta? Take a look at the full lineup of announcements and media from our CBS Sports experts as we try to predict who will win — and what will happen — in golf’s most prestigious tournament. Join us for live Lords coverage in the lead up to Thursday’s first round and check out the full set of ” 2013 teachers odds by Caesar Sportsbook

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2023 Master’s expert reads, predictions

Kyle Porter, Senior Golfer

Winner — Scottie Scheffler (5-1); I have never been more sure of anything in my life than I am Scheffler in this year’s masters (as they said. generally well). Scheffler just became a beast in 2023, and he’s actually playing better than he did a year ago when he entered and hit this field. He has nothing more serious than a top 12 finish with a fall, and despite the horrendous odds of him reading the winner’s words, I’m still rolling with him. Here’s how well he plays.

Sleeping – Will Zalatori (35-1); I’m going a bit wrong here as they usually define “cheats” as golfers with odds of 40-1 or longer, but Zalator’s 35-1 is an eye opener. He hasn’t been great this year in question, but he has three things going for him: health (looks fine), recent competition (Riviera) and high drama at Augusta National (two top-six finishes in as many starts).

Top 10 lock — Collin Morikawa (+225): The easy answer here is Corey Conners, who has finished in the top 10 in each of the last three Masters. But the smart money is on Morikawa, who is No. 1 in approach, No. 4 in hitting the ball and teeing off the green and No. He won 8 shots overall this year. He finished in the top 10 at Augusta last year and did the same this time around. He further flies under the radar of any star in the game.

A star who definitely won’t win — Jon Rahm: I picked him up at the beginning of the year and I felt pretty good about him when he lost to five golfers in the first seven events. It’s fallen off a bit, though, and I’m not sure Augusta National is the place to discover that you had a month or two ago. He’ll make a suit and play it right, but I don’t think he’ll catch it.

Scottie Scheffler vs. Rory McIlroy vs. Jon Rahm: Scheffler and McIlroy both finish in the top 10, but Scheffler goes further and wins. Rahm finished in the top 20, but didn’t really compete.

Woods vs. Phil Mickelson: If Mickelson falls, he will perish; He has been remarkably poor recently with just one top 10 in a non-senior event with the PGA Championship in 2021. Woods wins a cut in the top 30 and will finish but won’t put himself in the proper positions to really get in the mix. .

Surprise prediction – Cameron Smith won’t make waves: There will be tension between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, but not from Cam. Someone else – maybe Dustin Johnson, Patrick Reed or Joaquin Niemann – will mix it up, and the pot will be stirred (not necessarily by them) enough to make this story a real story at some point this week.

Around the bottom: 65 (-7).
winning score: 275 (-13).
Sunday’s winning score: 70 (-2)

Patrick McDonald’s golf

Winner — Xander Schauffele (20-1); Schauffele was my go-to weapon for winning the Masters earlier this year, and it hasn’t done anything to make me jump ship now. Over the last three months, +2.01 strokes are swinging around with tremendous effort from both the iron and the putter. The driver was a weak point for him, but the wide open spaces of Augusta National should relieve some of that stress. A proven competitor in major championships, Schauffele has a pair of podium finishes in his Masters career – both silver and bronze – and seems ready to finally climb to the top spot.

Sleeping — Min Woo Lee (125-1) Let’s get weird. Lee golfers have captured a general audience with a career in Sports and a presence on social media, but don’t let the theatrics distract you: she’s definitely a stud. He finished T14 in his Masters debut last season, tying his first nine scoring record with a 6-under 30. Australia collected nine top 15 finishes over the last 12 world starts and battled against the likes of Scottie. Scheffler and Jon Rahm. Space is wild and can roll rock with the best of them — but Augusta National’s combination is lethal.

Top 10 lock – Scottie Scheffler: It remains that Scheffler’s story is against him. There were only three men who received back-to-back hosts, and while it’s not surprising to see Scheffler finish fourth, I’d rather play it safe to finish 10. World No. 1 on the field gets +3.05 shots per round this calendar year, which is an average of two shots per tournament better compared to last season.

A Star Who Definitely Won’t Win – Max Homa: I know, I know, the metrics look great, his play in the majors is slowly being overlooked, and everyone loves him. We just need to see more from him on this stage, especially at Augusta National, to give him credit for the final 900 next Sunday. In three appearances at the Masters, Home has missed the cut twice with his best finish coming in his last season with a T48. Each winner of the last 10 Masters had at least a top-40 finish to their name, with seven of them having a top-five finish. So, while he’s still competing, don’t look for Homa to slip on the green jacket.

Scottie Scheffler vs. Rory McIlroy vs. Jon Rahm: Out of this group, only one player had a significant shot on Sunday at Augusta National’s second nine, and that’s Scheffler. He’s there, he’s done it and he’s playing the best soccer ball in the world. It is an opportunity for a slow start given his first weekend commitments, but through four rounds Scheffler’s quality allows him to separate himself from the two Europeans and potentially claim his second straight green jacket.

Woods vs. Phil Mickelson: Acting chaos takes hold of me and favors Mickelson. The three-time Masters winner has been skipping since last year’s tournament and is relishing the opportunity to play at Augusta National again. He was not playing well, hitting the ball right but looking weak with the putter. However, the health and complicity of the reps is on his part, and this counts for something. I could see Mickelson threatening the top 20 while Woods isn’t too far behind in the top 30 or 40.

Surprise prediction — Bernhard Langer beats Bryson DeChambeau (again); It’s a bit of a joke, but it’s become a headliner over the years. Langer has been the best 2020 US Open contender in the last two of the last three years and arguably enters the golf game. Langer makes it four straight top finishes on the Champions Tour, including a victory, while DeChambeau loses more than two strokes to the field during a round at LIV Golf. In the classic matchup brain vs. toris, the mind rules.

Around the bottom: 65 (-7).
winning score: 273 (-15).
Sunday’s winning score: 69 (-3)

Joshua Mullenix

Winner — Rory McIlroy (7-1); It is time. McIlroy needs to finish his career with a big hit since 2014, and this is one of the best cases to do so. The pain came and went early in 2023, but he still has two top threes in the last three seasons. He gets about 2.3 points per round, fitting the pattern of the last 10 masters champion. And honestly, when Rory wins the Masters, I want to have predicted it.

Sleeper — Jason Day (25-1); Sleeping may be liberal, but because Kyle bent the rules, so will 1. Day playing the better way of football than people know. He has achieved at least two strokes in seven tournaments in 2023. His worst finish is T19 among players. He cuts the last two at Augusta, but seems to have more health than others. He has three finishes and five finishes in his career. The big day is knocking on the door, and maybe this week the door opens.

Top 10 lock – Scottie Scheffler: to layup Scheffler has completed an outdoor total of 12 eleven since last year’s FedEx St. Jude Championship: in August! It’s really hard to repeat at Augusta National, which is why he’s not my winner, but it’s hard to imagine him not finishing in the top 10. The field surrendered as it always does, and will be remembered again. to end with something solid.

A Star Who Definitely Won’t Win – Max Homa: He played in 13 major championships and lost in eight of them. Two of these Augusta with T48. The man who rises from there does not perform under the “big steps” tag, but not to the extent that I will choose him this week. The numbers are tempting, but Homa doesn’t have a major or major success, I want to see a strong champion.

Scottie Scheffler vs. Rory McIlroy vs. Jon Rahm: As predicted, the winner will come from this group. If it’s not McIlroy claiming the green jacket for the first time, I feel good about one of the other two taking home. The teachers like this because one of the big boys will win. These three are the most important.

Woods vs. Phil Mickelson: By preparation, I have faith in the body of the forest to support at least two rounds. He shares his role at the Genesis Invitational so he can make the cut in Augusta – which he did last year. Mickelson better than October 27, 2022. It’s not over For me, this is the talk of who is more likely to make the cut. answered the nobleman clearly.

Surprise prediction – A LIV shooting makes a heavy price to win: For one, the group makes up 18% of the field of 20, so at least one chance sings. Between Smith, Johnson, Brook Koepka and company, someone is going to send the golf world into a frenzy with a chance to win heading to the back nine on Sunday.

Around the bottom: 66 (-6).
winning score: 276 (-12).
Sunday’s winning score: 70 (-2)

Who will win the 2013 Masters, and which long-shots will stun the golf world? Visit SportsLine now to see the projected Masters leaderboardall from a pattern that is fixed by eight major league players, including last year’s majors.

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