10th ANNIVERSARY of the Two Fatherhood Projects at M-DCPS

Fathers in Education Day and Fathers in Action & Advocacy Week Celebrating the 10th Year for These Initiatives in Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the 4th Largest School District in the USA

Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) Father Dr. Jose L. Dotres has committed to the superintendent of schools and involved fathers in supporting Fathers in Education Day, Thursday, April 20, 2023 and Fathers in Action & Advocacy Week in April. 17-21 2023. On Fathers in Education Day, Miami-Dade schools have invited all fathers and husbands to read and share activities with students in their K-12 schools. Each year, thousands of parents work to support the academic and social/emotional lives of students in neighborhood schools. “Miami-Dade County Public Schools is a proud partner with the South Florida Fatherhood Initiative led by Ms. Holly Zwerling. Her idea of ​​inviting fathers and the role of male role models to engage in the lives of their children through education has grown over ten years to serve thousands of father volunteers and Dads Clubs in our schools across the county. We know that father presence plays a significant role in student achievement,” said Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jose L. Dotres.

Fathers in Action & Advocacy Week workshops include a unique week of celebrating the important and necessary role fathers play in family educators and as community advocates and relationship partners. Over 30 workshops such as Early Literacy, Fathers as Leaders at Home and in the Community, Your Rights as a Father, Living Purpose, Effects of Social Media, Financial Literacy, Bullying, Understanding Kids, Kids and Movies, Mentoring Children; Dads, Drinks and Drugs, MENUP, DadsClubs are some of the free workshops offered in elementary, middle and high school districts.

M-DCPS is conducting this initiative in partnership with the South Florida Father Task Force, a community organization whose mission is to increase the involvement of fathers in the lives of children. “It’s a win for the community and everyone benefits,” stated Holly Zwerling, CEO/President of the Fatherhood Business Force. Ms. Zwerling has been recognized as a Women’s Leader in Parenthood by the National Society for Community Leadership. With great support from the M-DCPS School Board, Office
Family and Community Care, Parent Academy, and Miami-Dade County, this initiative is a model in building collaborations between school districts and neighborhood education, social services and business partners. A major celebration is underway today at the graduation ceremony for the 10th anniversary of Fathers in Education Day and Fathers in Action & Advocacy Week 2013.

“Families are the cornerstone of a healthy community. Fathers play a vital role in children’s development, and we celebrate fathers and all who positively impact children’s development and well-being. Miami-Dade stands with the Fatherhood Task Force, Miami-Dade County Public Schools and several community-based organizations that advocate and support our fathers and families, Miami- ast.
Give County Mayor, Daniella Levine Hollow.

We encourage local businesses whose male employees serve M-DCPS to provide them with a two-hour break to attend their child’s school activities on Father’s Day Education. This measure demonstrates the importance of local business in supporting children’s education and their local schools.

Caron Butler, a former Miami Heat player and soon to be an Assistant Coach for the Eastern Division Conference, the MIAMI HEAT continues to be a spokesperson for Fathers on Education Day promoting Father’s involvement in their children’s education and life. Promus declared his deeds before all, proudly confessing himself to his son and daughters. Here the combination of father and son is a winning combination.

Fathers in Education Day and Fathers in Action & Advocacy Week are positive initiatives demonstrating that Miami-Dade County and M-DCPS are committed to understanding the importance of fathers and being a masculine role model in all of their children’s lives.


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